How To Dress Up Cardigan And Jeans

How To Dress Up Cardigan And Jeans
How To Dress Up Cardigan And Jeans

Do you find it difficult to integrate an attractive casual clothes? Actually a lot of ways to integrate dresses that appeal to you women who are active and interesting.

You should not hesitate to mix and match clothes that you think is interesting. One way to look perfect but still relaxed is to use a cardigan and jeans.

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Currently, many women who feel comfortable use a pair of jeans. In addition to comfortable, jeans are also suitable for use in the event of non formal and normal. Of course if you want to use a pair of jeans to a formal event then you should choose the model and color of jeans right.

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Many ways to combine jeans with different types of tops. You just simply look in the mirror if you would dress model unified the best match according to your personality. One interesting way of integrating cardigan jeans tops that fit that look good is by using a cardigan.

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If you’ve never tried to blend cardigan with jeans tips and tricks as well appeal to you in order to appear attractive by using a cardigan and jeans.

Color matching

Using a cardigan and jeans with matching colors will make you look neat and elegant. For example if you are using a pair of jeans with a dark blue color then you can combine it with a dark blue cardigan anyway.

Different Color

Cardigan performs color cardigan and jeans that you can also do different. However, you should still consider the aesthetics of dress. It would be better color blends dark blue jeans with a white cardigan, black, gray, or other natural colors.

Appearing Flashy

Nothing forbids you to perform with the color contrast between the color of your cardigan and jeans. Sure you can use colors to cardigan or jeans. Confidence is one of the elements that you must have if you want to combine the colors.

Well, you can blend cardigan with jeans based on the color guide. You also can combine cardigan with certain materials such as wool or cotton with your jeans.

The right choice will bring you to look your best. Do not forget to add the appropriate accessories to support your view, such as shoes, bandanas, hats, earrings and so forth.

You can blend cardigan and jeans for a casual stroll hang out with friends, college, or even go to the office. But if there are specific rules on campus or office that requires you to use a shirt then you can combine with a shirt.

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