How to Dry Clean a Leather Sofa or Fabric


If you want to dry clean a sofa, whether in leather or fabric, you have to be very careful to follow the best advice to not ruin your furniture. Here are the tips for using dry cleaning.

How to dry clean a sofa? If you have a nice sofa, large or small, made of leather but also in a particular tissue, better not use water because not all materials are water repellent & If there are those who opt for a nice cover for your furniture, made of a washable fabric, which makes it useless, however, our initial choice of the reason for the couch, effectively hiding it forever, you know that cleaning a sofa is not that difficult.

How to Dry Clean a Leather Sofa or Fabric

Once a week should be passed over the vacuum cleaner, especially if it is a sofa fabric in order to remove the dust with simplicity and rapidity… Remember to move the pillows and carefully clean any containers, which are a veritable repository of mites and dust. If at home there are people allergic to dust, better be careful.

From time to time, on a regular basis, should be washed carefully and in depth and many come to our aid kit for dry clean the couch. The advice is to scrupulously follow the instructions on the product, maybe doing a test in a corner of the cabinet if it is the first time I tested. So in the case did not do for you, do not you end up with a sofa completely ruined?

If the sofa has strange reactions to the kit for dry cleaning, proceed with care and attention.

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