How to Apply Makeup Like Mystery Star


How to apply makeup like mystery star sometimes just the secret is simple but enough to make her melt before your appearance. Do not spend too much time to have a decent look beautiful every time you walk around or participate in any party meeting.

However, they know how to the ecstatic guy before you is a mystery to many girls. Do not think of the sublime beauty methods or expensive brand-name clothes, which led men to “melt” because you come from much more simple things. Let’s explore.

How to Apply Natural Beauty

Always a selection of both s*xes. The natural beauty is always to be honored than those faces are plastered big thick chalk. You can learn the popular girl with a little bowl to preserve its natural beauty: nude lipstick, perfume and scented in prime locations such as the wrist, back, sides, neck … With just a few simple accents but gentle enough to not lose favor with you.


8. High Light Makeup Style

With her own preferred light skin and the makeup style warrants, freshness can use chalk highlight to highlight areas of my face. Use soft brush tons of highlight C-shape around the eye area and angling down the bridge of the nose and cheeks, chin … Add effects with fake eyelashes for a loving look for her offline. So you’ve become very lively and know.


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