How to Enhance Small Eyes With Suitable Makeup


How to enhance small eyes with suitable makeup?

Here are some tips for you!

Who said that small eyes can not be valued, and maybe even magnified?

Thanks to the make-up you can make bigger their own eyes and to do that, you can simply learn the tricks more suited!

First of all, particularly those with small eyes should always opt for a bright make-up and eye shadow to light cream or powder eyeshadows that are then blurred together, so as to make it even brighter than the final effect.

small eyes should always opt for a bright make-up and eye shadow

At the invitation eye shadows too dark and dull and the pencil strokes exaggerate. Just as far as the eye pencil, opt for a light shade (which will be applied to the inner rim and bottom of the eye). The colors can be white, beije, cinnamon but also a light blue for example to use during the summer. As for the rhyme later, you could instead create a very thin black line, but be careful that it is not too thick a line because you risk further shrink your eye!

After that, well bent to the lashes with your ally par excellence… the eyelash curler and then apply a good dose of mascara (volumizing or lengthening if your eyelashes are too short or pochine) which is on the upper lashes on the lower ones.

Finally, those who have small eyes should pay particular attention to their eyebrows. If you have particularly bushy eyebrows, slightly assottigliatele, so as to leave as much space as possible to the eye.

You just have to put into practice our simple tips, make-up and make a really perfect!

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