How To Fight Against Dandruff Naturally

A shower of dandruff falling on the shoulders it is fun for anyone. Unsightly, yet this phenomenon are common. Here are the key to fight against dandruff.

How To Fight Against Dandruff Naturally

One in two people complain of dandruff. Unsightly, they are an embarrassing problem for men as for women. We often attributed responsibility to stress, a hair product unsuitable, pollution, weather … without knowing the true cause. However, there are ways to fight against dandruff. To fight against dandruff, you must first know the causes.

Dandruff flakes are that is to say small fragments of dead skin from the scalp. Most dandruff is caused by accelerated renewal of the epidermis of the scalp indeed in normal times it renews itself every 21 days around but this cycle can be shortened to 5 days! Dead cells can not be removed when not enough repide ment causing dandruff. This imbalance renewal cycle is due to a microorganism which is present on all scalps but normally remains inactive. However, it remains unclear why this fungus is active in some people and not others only her responsibility in the anomalous acceleration of the renewal of the scalp is proven.

To better fight against dandruff, so it is important to know the causes that can aggravate this phenomenon.

  • Washing and blow drying hair too frequently stress.
  • Overeating (our advice to find a balanced diet).
  • Excess sebum fatigue.
  • The temperature rises (fever, hot weather, menstruation).
  • Excessive use of hairspray or gel pollution.

The film does not appear on a particular type of hair and pityriasis grows equally to dry hair that greasy hair.

It is important to know the type of film to adopt the appropriate treatment. There are two types of dandruff dry dandruff and oily dandruff. The first are the most common and occur in the form of white patches that cover the scalp and give it a chalky. They usually affect normal and dry hair and are consequence a drying of the skin. They detach spontaneously fall as “snow”. This type of film does not usually cause itching, it is just unsightly.

Oily dandruff usually appears on the scalp fat. They appear as large yellow plates thick and may appear as a result of dry dandruff. They mix with sebum and remain attached to the hair causing severe itching. This agglomeration of sebum can eventually cause early hair loss (read our article on how to have long hair).

How to fight against dandruff?

The right thing to take to get rid of dandruff

Start by adopting a healthy lifestyle with a focus on sleep to reduce stress. Try the tea to sleep if you have trouble sleeping. It is also advisable to wash your brushes and combs regularly and disinfect. Wash your hair at least 3 times per week prefer lukewarm water and hot water when you do shampoo. Do not attack your hair with care strippers too consider using a mild shampoo alternating with anti dandruff. In general avoid exposing your hair to heat including brushing. Brush your hair vigorously and do not be afraid to bring out the film. Finally, ventilate your hair as much as possible avoiding the cover under a hat or a scarf.

After your shampoo rinse your hair with a mixture of vinegar and thyme essential oil (2 tablespoons vinegar 2 drops of essential oil of thyme). This will bring shine to your hair while purifying the scalp!

Stimulate blood circulation of the scalp with a massage in salt. Use a handful of salt and rub your scalp it will get rid of dandruff existing. Perform this massage 2 times a week before you wash your hair normally.

Appropriate treatment to fight against dandruff

Different treatments exist and it is to choose one that is suitable for your type of film. The film is often recalcitrant; this is why we need to fight against dandruff use special care to block the cell proliferation cycle, 2 to 3 times a week. Regarding dry dandruff, we must rely on hydration and care not only “anti-dandruff”. For example you can make an oil bath at a rate of 2 times per month to moisturize your scalp.

To get rid of oily dandruff, anti dandruff shampoos based parathion zinc are recommended because they can stop the development of fungus on the scalp. The herbal lotions including myrtle regalement are recommended. You can also complete this treatment with supplements of vitamins C and E, pro vitamin A and selenium. Think also care menthol to relieve itching.

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