How to Get Your Natural Hair Colour Back After Dying It


How to Get Your Natural Hair Colour Step By Step

How to get your natural hair color back from have a new head is a tempting experience. Change style can be fun.

It may also be that you want a different color for each period of the year. Anyway, it is quite possible that you are tired by repeated staining.

You want your natural color back then! Discover step by step how you should proceed.

The first Step Regain its Natural Color

First, you must put in mind that after several treatments one color will not allow your hair to regain their natural color. It is also possible that you do not remember most of it.

Then you must leave your mane push one or two centimeters. So you can have a clear idea of your natural color. Wait about two months …

The second Stage Regain its Natural Color

The past two months you can do yourself with the new color and buy a product whose color is closest to your natural color. You can also decide to go to a hairdresser to be sure to choose the right color. This precaution will help you avoid nasty surprises.

The third Stage Regain its Natural Color

If you have decided to consult a professional inform her of the result. Make sure it has fully understood your wishes. Warning, do not particularly charmed by a new color that you propose and that is not your natural color! Your goal is to find your color before!

The fourth Step Regain its Natural Color

Once the process is finished coloring wait another two months. At this point, you can see if dyeing your hair is uniform. You can also decide if the color of the tips and roots are the same. Otherwise go back to your hairdresser for a new shade.

The fifth Step Regain its Natural Color

How to get your natural hair color From the time when no shade is found immediately stop any staining. There may be a small difference appears over time.

If this happens you can renew the color by using the dye used previously. Repeat again and again until you are completely satisfied.

A Summary Regain its Natural Color

To return to your original color dyeing is unavoidable. There are currently no products that can “erase” the dyes. And to avoid having to color the hair several times please always a professional.

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