How to Forever Rid Of Blackheads And Pimples?

How to Forever Rid Of Blackheads And Pimples
How to Forever Rid Of Blackheads And Pimples

Pimples and blackheads are a problem that afflicts both men and women and can not avoid those even Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz, Olivia Wilde and Natalie Portman. But with proper care entities they can control mitigate and even completely remove

How to Forever Rid of Blackheads And Pimples

Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz are also struggling with the hated pimples

Doing a gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation is required to work at least once a week. This will remove the causes of pimples and impurities and dead skin cells and allow the skin to breathe. Exfoliation should not be too rough to prevent damage to the surface layer of the skin.

Maintain hygiene face

Face tends to blackheads and pimples are advisable to wash several times a day and required every night especially if you wear makeup. Wash it with mild, neutral means and Wash your face with cold water. Do not touch your face because your hands are full of germs and dirt that you upload to your face.

“A person prone to blackheads and pimples is advisable to wash several times a day and required every night, especially if you wear makeup”

Do not touch the pimples

Digging, scratching and squeezing pimples is the worst thing you can do facial skin. Job prefer to professionals because otherwise they could become infected and then often remain scars.

Remove hair from her face

The hair is a common cause of pimples because it remains on the fat and various impurities. Do you have bangs wash them frequently and forehead every so refreshing tonic or wet wipes?

Change linens and towels

Grease and bacteria every day during the night transfer to the hair and skin on the pillow can also be the cause of pimples. The same is with towels. Use a separate towel for your face and body.

Pet Treatments

1. Apply pimples lemon juice, let it dry and rinse with water.

2. Mix baking soda and a little water until you have a paste. Coat pimples leave for about 15 minutes and rinse.

3. In a pot boil water and a little salt and a good Nap are face. Then make a gentle exfoliation.

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