How to Get Whiter Teeth In A Day


How to get whiter teeth? We are not all equal in terms of tooth color. But we would all be able to erase those unsightly marks and show a smile (almost) Hollywood.

How to get whiter teeth? The answers.

White teeth make an assessment before anything there are several methods of teeth whitening at the dentist or at home.

Above all, it is important to know what you want remove dental stains related to food or tobacco, with abrasives or earn shades with coloring products.

How to Get Whiter Teeth

How to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

Before you jump into buying a home whitening kit or make an appointment in a “bar smile,” it is better to make a balance with your dentist, who will check the health of your teeth and will, if necessary, scaling and polishing. The result of bleaching will be even more effective.

Eliminate Dental Work With Abrasives

Tooth enamel has many crevices in which is deposited the plate. To eliminate it we first perform regular brushing 3 minutes, 3 times a day … ideal! But did you know that a toothbrush is only 60% of the surface of our teeth? The use of dental floss and scaling (a dentist) thus complement the basic treatment to keep teeth healthy but this is not always enough and dental stains related to food and tobacco may occur. To eliminate them, you can use products with an abrasive formula.

Some products are available over the counter, such as toothpaste and shine care Elgydium brand. It is used in treatment of two brushings per week (Tuesday morning and Friday night for example), alternating with your regular toothpaste. It has a cleaner remove stains, micro abrasive action to smooth the teeth (so there is less plaque that reform) power and mineralizing action to strengthen the structure of the enamel.

Our opinion: its gel texture (not foam) may be surprising but if it is a guarantee of efficiency, it is ready to use it 2 times a week! However, its price is quite prohibitive.

Stain teeth

Parallel processing of dental stains, we must act on the staining of teeth. Yellow teeth naturally over the years.

To win colors, you can make a clarification, which is obtained by treatment with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the dentist or at home with teeth whitening kits. These techniques give good results.

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