How to grow Healthy Hair and Bangs in order

How to grow Healthy Hair and Bangs in order
How to grow Healthy Hair and Bangs in order

The fringe is often the protagonist of our most fashionable cuts. But for it to grow in order to keep it healthy and some forethought is required. Let’s see how to do it always beautiful.

Time passes, fashions beauty but also bangs on a nice haircut resists ages. That’s because nothing like a nice fringe helps to renew an ancient hairstyle too without changing the lengths to look immediately fresher and tidy and very well-kept and elegant. Yes, but if we do not go to the hairdresser too often for the classic trim, you will need to have a special care for the bangs to grow healthy and beautiful. Shelookbook tells you how to do today.

To begin with you should know that the cut must be refreshed on a regular basis, never exceed six months before taking the scissors in her hand. Let us also remember that just cut the hair grows faster than sforbiciato not cool and this will serve as a rule of length up to the fringe when you decide to remove it.

Healthy Hair and Bangs-

Because the fringe is the first thing you notice about a cut, it is important that it is healthy, clean and bright thanks to the use of cleaning products, care and styling which enhance the natural beauty. The shampoo should never be too aggressive or threatening to weaken the tips and give the classic straw effect (bad enough on its own but unwatchable hair tuft on the front), the balm and moisturizer should be free of silicones so as to breathe the hair fiber and keep it nourished.

Another important thing: when the blunt bangs take care to use a pair of scissors fits. The top hairdressing scissors are with the sharp blade that can cut with precision and not fray the hair. For this reason, it is always good to avoid using blunt scissors or that is used for other purposes. The blades must be protected from wear so always check the hair perfectly.

Remember, then as the opening image, that’s when you want to make a cut style, you have to be careful where to place the clump: straight bangs for a net, moved to the right if you want the fringe on both the left and to the left if you want to on the contrary, it is scaled to the right. Cutting in the right way and following a few simple rules written above the mop will always be beautiful, allowing us to be in order and chic.

If our hair is in a period of great stress not disdain to employ some suitable supplement recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. Since spring is upon us it is always good to take the initiative and give a little support to the skin and hair. Even the fringe, the unquestioned leader of our cut, it will greatly benefit.

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