How to Have Strong Nails Naturally And Healthy To Keep Long Nails


How to have strong nails naturally even with careful attention to your hands, it is not always easy to keep nails strong and healthy, brittle nails, soft nails, nails that split, or impossible to keep long nails? Every problem solution between natural treatments, hydration, and nutrition, what care is right for you?

How to Have Strong Nails Naturally

How To Have Strong Nails Naturally At Home

Natural Care for Strong Nails

There is a multitude of natural treatments to make your stronger and stronger nails. All are to adopt at least once a week to expect quick results. You may know, lemon is an ally of strong nails. With a lemon slice, rub your nails morning and night for at least a fortnight.

Add a few drops of olive oil on the lemon half, and you have the ideal solution to fortify, whiten and moisturize your nails in one gesture. To rid your nails of all their impurities, the scrub twice a week, above and below, with a toothbrush dipped in warm water and baking soda.

Moisturize To Solidify!

No miracle, strong nails are hydrated nails for a quick and effective solution, just think to apply a little moisturizer on your hands the same as on your face, the must is to use the cream for feet high moisturizing power.

You can also moisturize your hands with sweet almond oil with emphasis on the nail edges. This will also soften the cuticles and prevent them from invading the visible part of the nail.

Once a week, you can push the task further. Soak your nails in a mixture of olive oil and six drops of lavender essential oil. Your nails will emerge hydrated and solidified.

Detect Deficiency

After trying a multitude of nail care and treatment, your damaged nails are still desperately weak and brittle?

The problem may come from your diet. As the hair or skin, unhealthy nails can testify to nutritional deficiencies. To detect a small blood test is required! Brittle nails are often the result of a lack of iron found in red meat, dark chocolate, dried fruit … or a lack of calcium found in cheese and milk.

Opting for a balanced diet, rich in vegetable oils, soy, legumes, raw vegetables, vegetables, fat fish … is often the key to regain stronger nails. And if your plate is not enough to make your nails strong, do not hesitate to incorporate dietary supplements such as royal jelly and yeast. Besides being good for your nails, they are good for your skin, your hair, your morale and your tone!

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