How to shoelace had recurrent falls in sport and I wonder what the problem is with their shoes may not be watching the situation in the right light. It might not be the shoes at all causing the fall. The culprit could be the technique with which they laced their shoes.

Then the question arises – how to shoelace?

So, as people who are simply fed up with the way their eyes are laces raises the question how the lace shoes differently?

This article is for you. Most of us learn to tie shoes when you’re very young, but with the advent of Velcro shoes or simply because of appearances or to suit the personality, more and more people want to know how to tie shoelaces fashion. We intend to help you do so.

How to Lace Shoes Different Ways

How to Lace Your Shoes

This is probably the most simple and hassle lace shoes: Take a shoe the foot pointing away from you so that the heel is facing you. Take lace and put the two ends of the shoelace holes in the higher replacement. After putting these laces on the length of the ends coming out must be the same. Then from the right take the right place and the inside of the shoe (lace fate does not) put it in the hole that is next on the left diagonal.

Well, take the left yaw and after placing it under the right side out of the hole that is diagonally below. Continue until all the holes are filled and both ends of the lace are knotted. If the length of the lace ends is not the same then adjust the length of the lace by loosening and adjusting. Having a length, it is easier to tie the laces. Learn more about the cool ways to lace shoes.

Other than this simple method, there are other ways to lace shoes. Criss Cross Lacing, beginning the heel of the shoe and the inside the shoe laces up so that both ends emerge from the top as opposed to entering the shoe. Then take the two ends and cross. Then put them in the shoe and let them out again in the second pair of holes.

Double Helix Lacing;

Take a cord and place one end in the whole shoes so that it goes in and leave out the other end of the hole. Take lace emerges through it diagonally and place it in the hole footwear is immediately next diagonal.

Keep doing this until both ends out of the holes above. Bow Tie Lacing takes lace and put both ends in the bottom set of holes.

Then carry them up into the next hole in a straight line and go. Once they are in place the cross and put them on the other side. Now run them directly on the bottom and take out the next set of holes. Once they are on the cross and place them in the next series of holes on the opposite side.

How to Lace Shoes with Two Laces Color

Having shoes with two laces color is a great way to increase the “cool quotient” of your shoes. It is different and gives a very elegant way. On the answer to how to lace shoes with 2 laces take two laces of different colors e.g. red and orange. And cut in half if the length of two colored laces is 1 feet cut and a half feet. Attach two loops of the same color. Place the node into the shoe to the base and put in place the end of the last series of holes.

Then treat it as any other method mentioned above, as crisscross lacing or bow tie lacing and tying the laces continue until both ends out of the top hole. How to lace running shoes, laces and take them out of the hole in the shoe that is at the lower end near the heel. Now that she is out, put it back in the same hole she came out but keep a small loop by doing this.

Now take the other side of the shoelace and put it in the loop so that it becomes very tight. Do the same thing on the opposite side.

Follow these simple methods on how to lace shoes and make changes if necessary in the same old dull looking shoes. With reinventing the way the shoes look, they also help to use the correct way to tie laces so that there is no injury in the future.

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