How to Make Christmas Crown During The Holidays

How to Make Christmas Crown
How to Make Christmas Crown

How to make Christmas crown propose to make to decorate your home during the holidays, a very soft crown with soft colors that can be available in different colors to blend with your decor and can, why not be available to your loved ones…

How to Make Christmas Crown Step By Step

How to Make Christmas Crown

Detailed Implementation:

1. Cut in craft paper (preferably roller, it will be thinner) strips 4.5cm wide and cover a Styrofoam wreath.

2. On a non-stick drop some white acrylic paint and water carpet. Mix the toothbrush and spray away in the bristles of the brush on your covered crown. Allow to dry.

How to Make Christmas Crown-

3. Cover 2 zones with linen thread, ribbons and tulle tied (based on your two nests embellishments).

4. 2 nests Create your embellishments with star cutouts and angel wings, silver thread, embroidery, prints with anthologies Design clear stamps “Intensely” and Smokey Gray Versa fine ink add white flowers, buttons, brads, pearl pin and cut wood and stars Studio Calico wood and plexi Embelliscrap.

How to Make Christmas Crown-01

5. Get to drop some S tickles “Star Dust” on the edges of the wings.

6. Flax Tying string on top of the ring in order to secure a door or wall.

How to Make Christmas Crown-02

A simple realization in a tender spirit that you can even add in the biggest beautification nest a small family photo 4 cm x 4 cm if your heart tells you… How to make Christmas crown and this is finished!

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