How to Make Red Lips Make-Up of Christmas

How to Make Red Lips Make-Up of Christmas
How to Make Red Lips Make-Up of Christmas

To tint the lips of red there is only one method. It depends on the effect you want to achieve, if more fresh and perky or more dramatic and hot. Let’s see how to give a touch of color to your mouth ahead of the holiday season.

Red lips are immediately of those beautiful actresses of Hollywood yesteryear, hot, feminine and elegant. That must be why the color rouge is always a shade much appreciated by women of any age who surrender to the lure of its nuances passionate to feel perfect. Obviously, during the Christmas holidays, which are a riot of red, it’s easier to enjoy a trick that winks at this beautiful color. And we shelookbook we explain step by step how to do it.

How to Make Red Lips Make-Up of Christmas

We begin by saying that in order to become the lips of fire there are various methods to satisfy styles and tastes of each type of woman. You can indeed get a more or less dramatic, one very hot and cozy, one bright and fresh, all making the most of the cosmetics that we have. So without further ado, let’s see how to enhance our mouth and make proof of kissing under the mistletoe!

The Cinema Effect Red Lips Make-Up of ChristmasThe Cinema Effect

The shades to choose from in this case are a brilliant carmine color from warm and velvety finish. The lips should be well moisturized with a lip balm before passing a red pencil out slightly from the edges (to give more volume) and apply the lipstick to give fullness to the mouth.

The Effect Vinyl Red Lips Make-Up of ChristmasThe Effect Vinyl

This is certainly the favorite of the girls who like a mirror reflection. In this case it is necessary to draw pencil, red lipstick and finally pass the gloss in the same color with the help of a thin brush. Avoid the applicator often as supplied with the cosmetic, because it is not sufficiently accurate in the area of the edges and corners.

Here, however, you have to go very slight, since the gloss already naturally migrates outwards. Insist more on the center of upper and lower lip, where the light is captured and also gives more volume to the size.

The Matt Effect Red Lips Make-Up of ChristmasThe Matt Effect

Perfect as a make-up day if combined with a very simple and natural eye makeup, it is also a good option for the evening, making our most sensual smile and tries to flash photography. The nuances in the morning, however, the most suitable are those that go from red to orange strawberry, while in the evening you can dare with darker tones.

To achieve the best results should be applied lipstick with a lip brush in a very precise way, the excess color is removed by placing it over a tissue very fine, brushing the outside with a little’ of powder and pulling away. The powder has the dual function of setting and matting.

The Shadow Effect 80

The Shadow Effect 80 Red Lips Make-Up of Christmas
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The trick vintage is particularly in vogue at this time and her lips with dark shades are the latest trend borrowed from the 80s. For a perfect effect we advise you to lighten the whole surface of the mouth with a light concealer, after which marked the contours of the lips with a black pencil and blend inward.

Finally apply a nice red lipstick fuchsia – to medium coverage and a touch of clear gloss.

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