How to Prepare The Legs to The Mini Skirt: 5 Easy Steps


How to prepare summer is in full swing, and you’re still looking at a mini-skirt with doubt? 5 simple body care steps will help beauty legs lead in order and give you a lot of admiring glances. Now through September – only small and there are no excuses!

To achieve the effect of radiance and smoothness of legs can be through some simple manipulations. The main thing, do not do that in a hurry for an hour before leaving, because after exfoliation and hair removal may be mild irritation. Your skin needs at least a day out, to completely get in shape. So, let’s go!

How to Prepare The Legs to The Mini Skirt

1. Exfoliating

For perfect smooth legs you have to part with a layer of dead skin cells, like creepy as it sounds! It is he who prevents the skin to shine, like models on the show Victoria’s Secret. Soft Scrub or peel will not cause damage and make legs look and smooth to the touch. You can make a scrub itself of very finely ground coffee and favorite shower gel.
Going on the same day, apply self-tanning? See to , that the composition of the peeling agent was not oils. They soak too long and do not give artificial tanning lie evenly.

2. Remove the hair

In order not to get irritation, choose razor with three or four blades. So you will not have to spend on the skin several times. And do not think, that the shaving cream – an invention marketing. With it easier to slide the blade – that is, the risk is much lower cut yourself. If you do not have cream, your regular hair conditioner – about this trick, we have been told.

You prefer the wax? Put it on the growth of the hair, and Delete – against, with one sharp movement. And stocks soothing gel, it is useful to you exactly after the procedure.
Keep in mind – after waxing the skin should be at least three days, to recover. Exfoliate and tanning at the time you are contraindicated.

3. Moisturizing the skin

Use a moisturizing lotion or body lotion with caffeine in the composition. It reduces swelling, gives elasticity, a little ” pulls “the skin. For the dry areas – knees and feet – you need a little more money. Wait five to ten minutes, until it is completely absorbed. Now go to tanning.

4. Apply the tanning

You do not know which one to choose?

The easiest tanning moisturizers give fluids, and the darkest – rich creams. Mileage eyes composition – well , if it has a moisturizing and caring ingredients.

Do not make common mistakes beginners and use the right tanning. Apply the product in a circular motion, gradually rising from the feet to the hips. Do not forget to put on thin latex gloves. You do not need red nails and hands? If you do not have gloves , petroleum jelly smazh cuticle , cut nails with varnish , and carefully wash your hands immediately after , how to put a tan back on the shelf. Wait three o’clock, and voila – your feet look like after a holiday by the sea.

5. Adding shine

“The secret ingredient “of your image, which will create a true Photoshop-effect – reflective particles (not to be confused with sparkles) Owners of oily skin suit shimmering body powder, dry and normal – a balm. Do you want to visually lengthen legs? Try a simple technique – Apply the product in one motion from the knees to the feet, right on the bone another option – light oil. For example, Victoria Beckham always moistens the lower leg with the help of oil, and it looks very sexy! Try it and you.

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