Paint Christmas Balls: 4 DIY Crafting With The Children For Christmas Decor


How to throw the old Christmas tree balls worn by time.

These colorful Christmas balls create a happy mood and conjure up a smile on the face of the whole family. We’ll show you three easy-to-follow instructions with alcohol ink.

The water-based ink based on alcohol can easily be applied to glass. It dries quickly and does not change color.

In this way, you are sure that the lovingly crafted decorations for the Christmas tree will not fade for at least several years.

Be inspired by our ideas and give the Christmas decoration a fresh touch. Learn how to paint the Christmas balls the quickest and cleanest!

Painting Christmas Balls: Making Merry Christmas Decorations

Christmas Balls Paint Children's Ideas Transparent

Give the Christmas tree a splash of color – These colorful Christmas balls give the Christmas tree a modern touch. They are therefore ideal for minimalist or eclectic settings where the traditional red and green color scheme will simply be boring. We’ll show you how to make the semi-transparent balls in a solid color.

Paint Christmas Balls Watercolor Paint Solving Materials Outline

The necessary materials at a glance:

Transparent Christmas balls made of glass

Alcohol Ink – Water-based ink based on alcohol, different colors

Cleaning gasoline or cleaning alcohol

Spray bottle

Rubber gloves

Baking Paper Or Packaging Film To Protect The Work Surface From Stains

Paint Christmas Balls Instructions Alkochol sprinkle ideas

Step 1: Fill the spray bottle with the cleaning spirit/cleaning alcohol. The substance is contained in almost every cleaning water and has excellent fat-dissolving properties.

Among other things, various grease stains from the wooden floor, sweat stains of clothing and wax from the parquet are successfully removed, brushes and jewelry cleaned and even washed leather shoes.

So you can use the detergent in the home. Our tip: Let us advise you in detail on the storage, the properties, and the correct use. Consider all safety measures (if specified by the manufacturer). You can buy cleaning alcohol from a pharmacy. It is called isopropanol. You must also seek advice about this.

Step 2: Remove the metal hangers and spray the Christmas balls with the cleaning fluid. Carefully rub the gasoline on the surface. Ventilate the room well.

Christmas Balls Paint Color Solve Glass

Step 3: Apply paint to the Christmas balls. Be careful not to leave empty spaces. Cover the surface completely.

Christmas Balls Paint On A Unicolour Christmas Tinker With Kids Tinker

Step 4: Drain the Christmas balls onto the baking paper or cling film and allow drying. Preferably, let the Christmas tree decorations dry at least one night.

Christmas Balls Paint Uni-Color Water Color Alcohol Technique Kindergarten

Step 5: Once the Christmas balls are completely dry, attach the pendants again.

Christmas Balls Paint Ideas Different Colors

You can of course also pour the color in the balls; at least the final result will look rather dull and not slightly shimmering. Incidentally, you can not wash the Christmas balls.

Christmas Balls Paint Ideas Different Colors Instructions

Paint Christmas Balls: Achieve Watercolor Effect

Paint Christmas Balls Paint Watercolor Technique

If you have ever mastered the design in solid color, then you can also try the next craft idea. We’ll show you how to make Christmas balls in two or more colors.

Paint Christmas Balls Watercolor Mix Ideas

You need the following materials:

Transparent Christmas balls made of glass

Alcohol Ink – Water-based ink based on alcohol, different colors

Cleaning gasoline or cleaning alcohol

Spray bottle

Rubber gloves

Baking paper or packaging film to protect the work surface from stains

Brush Or Stamp

Paint Christmas Balls Paint Bottle Spray Water Paint

Follow the steps from 1 to 3 at the beginning. Sprinkle the Christmas balls with rubbing alcohol, rub it on the cover surface. Then first apply a base color and then add several drops of a contrasting color.

If necessary, lightly lubricate the paint with a brush. Optionally, you can apply the contrasting color on stamps and create beautiful motifs. Drop several drops of different colors onto a piece of felt, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and stamp on the Christmas tree balls. Let the children help with the painting.

In any case, do not forget that the paint dries very quickly and you must therefore quickly lubricate the second color.

Painting Christmas Balls: Apply Paint Inside And Out

Paint Christmas Balls On Watercolor Paint Ideas

If you paint your Christmas balls, you can apply the color inside or outside. But you can also combine the two painting techniques. Then there are the creative designs shown above.

First, the Christmas tree balls are painted inside in solid color and then painted outside with contrasting color. We show you how it works.

Paint Christmas Balls Instructions First Step Outside Apply Water Paint

They need the same materials as the other instructions above:

Transparent Christmas balls made of glass

Alcohol Ink – Water-based ink based on alcohol, different colors

Cleaning gasoline or cleaning alcohol

Spray Bottle

Rubber Gloves

Baking Paper Or Packaging Film To Protect The Work Surface From Stains

Brush Or Stamp

In Addition, You Still Need Shashlik Skewers Made Of Wood

Paint Christmas Balls Dripping Brush Ideas

And so the balls are painted: Drop first drops on the outer side, then put the balls on the shashlik skewers and let them dry. You can, as in the previous instructions paint the balls with the brush or provided with the stamp with different patterns. It is best to use felt or makeup sponge for the stamp. Let your creativity run wild and try out different variants.

Let the kids join in – and, of course, determine the designs. You can then give the Christmas balls to grandparents or decorate the Christmas gifts.

Paint Christmas balls outdoors paint brush watercolor alcohol

You have to let the Christmas balls dry for at least one night. Only then can you continue painting. Do not forget to air the room in the morning. By the way, you can not wash these balls either because the colors smear or are completely washed off.

Christmas balls paint ideas three stages watercolor outdoors inside

The next day the completely dry Christmas balls in color. Just pour several drops of paint and shake the Christmas ball lightly. Let it dry and attach the metal pendant.

By the way, you can not only paint Christmas balls – also other Christmas decorations can be decorated with the watercolor technique. If the shape is any more complicated, it has corners and edges (such as the poinsettia) you can stamp the glass surface or paint with a brush.Christmas Balls

For even more WOW effect apply a layer of glitter on it. Let your imagination run wild – with the alcohol ink you can even label the Christmas balls. We wish the whole family a lot of fun crafting!

Paint Christmas balls Watercolors apply ideas

Here is some simple and highly effective method to restore color and personality to decorations older.

Tradition has it that our local riding days of the feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8 December is those dedicated to arranging lights and Christmas decorations in the house. And of course, they are also the days to decorate the Christmas tree, the prince Dicembrino which will be stacked in the living room under the gifts unwrapped on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Tree Balls To Restore Color

old Christmas tree

And if we get tired of decorative old Christmas tree that we use for years, a little ‘ worn their age and wear of time? Pity rid of it, much better to use some simple DIY technique to renew and give them a second life. Do not believe us? Look a little ‘ how to dress in the new Christmas decorations older!

If you have balls in the plastic with a smooth surface, you can turn them into the nice decorations metropolitan newspaper in effect. You just cut out triangles of newspaper and stick them to the ball with glue added to a bit ‘ of water. You can also use old sheets of wrapping paper to do the same operation and recycle something that would have been thrown.

How To Renew The Old Christmas Tree Balls-
The Old Christmas Tree Balls on Xmas Holidays

For music lovers also suggest you print a few musical scores to cut and paste. For a nice antique dip a cotton ball in a cup of coffee or black tea, wring it out and sponged the surface of the paper with this solution. Finally, brush with verandas if you want a satin effect.

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