How to spend Valentine’s Day, if you are one? Firstly, loneliness – not a sentence. And more so, it does not mean that this evening you bring one. Options – the mass, despite what goals you pursue.

Usually, lonely girl on Valentine’s Day or want to spend time where they will not be surrounded by kissing couples, or where you can see the lonely and fun guy. We consider both options.

How to spend Valentine's Day
If you are alone on Valentine’s Day, this is your chance to treat yourself, your favorite

How to spend Valentine’s Day! If you want to have a good time, forgetting that today:

1. Shopping

Send to friends shopping. What else can please more girls? Treat yourself to a shopping and then sit in a nice cafe.

2. Devochkovy evening

Invite your friends to a house party for girls. Cook something tasty or order sushi, gossip, look good movie. Surely, you will quickly forget that Valentine’s Day today.

3. At the exhibition

In today’s world, every day something is opened, go through various presentations and events. Why not visit the new exhibition of contemporary art? Surely, you would be interested.

4. Day for yourself, your favorite

Make an appointment with a hairdresser and a manicure. Go to the pool and SPA. Dedicate this day the most expensive for you man – himself and in the evening to meet with a friend in a restaurant or order the restaurant to your home. In general, anything does not deny.

If you are alone on Valentine’s Day and crave new acquaintances:

1. Pub with live music

Knock out friends go dancing in the pub, here you will meet a company bachelors. Usually in such places do not go two by two, so it is unlikely someone will be here to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

2. Express Goodbye

Quick goodbye – it ten real dating for a few hours. They have long been popular overseas, and in recent years – and we have. Go at least for the sake of the experiment, to be charged with new emotions.

3. Football

This is where you can meet a guy for every taste. But perhaps you have to pretend to be a fan of football.

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