How To Take Care Of My Hair?


Your hair, like your skin, are routinely attacked by dust, pollution, sun. They store the toxins and become dull fragile, brittle.

How To Take Care Of My Hair

Do you know that there are simple solutions to keep her hair dry and turn them into beautiful hair shiny and silky?

First step: check their status

– Take a lock of hair and lift the tip of the root.
– Compare the thickness of hair if the tip of your hair is thinner it is a sign that they have suffered deterioration.
– Compare the color if the color of the tip is altered less intense it is a sign of a lack of pigment or melanin. This is caused by a separation of the scales of the hair.
– Compare the brightness if the tip of the hair is less brilliant is that the scales are raised they reflect less light.

If you find that at least two of the three criteria are true it’s time to give your hair a rejuvenating cure.

hair is dry

Dry hair is due to natural causes (fatigue, illness) or bad practice as an abuse of coloring or hair dryer too hot. Drought is manifested by loss of hair but also a difficult styling and lack of shine. The scalp also dehydrates and peels, revealing … dandruff!

To finish with dry hair

Improve your overall health

Feed a balanced diet (varying your protein intake);
Absorb dietary supplements for dry hair.
Oxygenate your scalp

Massage your scalp regularly to reactivate blood circulation vector nutrients that feed the hair germ cells.

Purify your hair

Use protective and nourishing hair oils;
Wash your hair regularly with very soft substances, called “non-ionic surfactants.”
Practice hair masks before shampooing, massaging the hair and covering her head with a hot towel for 30 minutes at least

Protect your hair

Remove any hair traumatic manipulation;
The brushing is the enemy of dry hair so keep the hair dryer a good distance from your hair and do not forget to put in position “cold” time to restore the scales of your hair Avoid staining

hair is brittle

Just that you get a lock for some hair and you do not stand still in hand. Brittle and forked at the tips they are often dull and did not look in great shape! This is often a sign that overly aggressive treatments have weakened and abysses scales and hair

To finish with brittle hair

Strengthen your hair smooth … Shampoos made with mild moisturizing and end with specific treatments that will give vitality and strength to hair.

Be vigilant about their drying

Do not let your hair dry in the open air but use the hairdryer at least her power to give them a bit of volume. Be careful not to stay too long in the same place in drying the hair evaporated water naturally contained in the hair shaft which becomes very brittle
If your hair is short it is best to dry them with a towel without rubbing.

Cut to help revitalize!

In case of split ends the only solution is to cut and consolidate them with products containing creamiest or silicones.

Gaines hair too fine

If your hair is too thin sometimes using a shampoo volatize and a neutral mask henna hair shaft and adds body.

The mild shampoo the first step of hair care

Proceeded by a good combing the hair should be washed with warm water. Depending on the length of hair will be analyzed the amount of shampoo to be used for a single wash. It is not necessary to apply a lot however it is very useful to gently massage for one minute hair and scalp. Remove any residue can leave the hair breathe and restore the luster and shine to hair. Cleansers and moisturizers shampoos are new enriched emollients assets that offset the effects of drying and act as a treatment. Rinse your hair after your shampoo.

Restorative care necessary to restore the protective scales

Once washed hair must dehydrate and nourish deep down to restore the protective barrier tightening the cuticle scales. With or without rinsing the hair regenerating products require a break variable. The treatment is divided using a wide toothed comb lice sheathe the hair without the trauma, According to its nature and condition brittle and rough use a repairing daily or two to three times per week to curb dehydration quickly.

Sport indispensable ally!

Be physically active in addition to all its other benefits the regular practice helps the body eliminate toxins through sweat that form around the roots and inhibit their activity. Provided however, rinse hair well after each session!

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