How to Treat Fungal Infections Naturally of The Toenails

How to treat fungal infections mycoses that can easily affect the feet, especially the nails causing its destruction. We see symptoms and treatments…

The fungus that affect the toenails (onychomycosis) are fungal infections that are contracted in damp environments easily and “promiscuous” or at least from the point of view of hygiene not too sure, such as gyms, swimming pools but also the beach.

These diseases are not fatal but can destroy, literally, the end of our nails and then create problems even gait.

How to Treat Fungal Infections of the Toenails

What are the most common fungal infection of the nails and how they manifest? Depending on the fungi-fungal skin-causing an infection-especially dermatophytes, molds, Candida albicans-the symptoms can be threefold nature.

Here are the three ways in which the onychomycosis occur

  • The fungus affects the outer edge and the nail bed (in which we introduce the mushrooms) with training, nail, of a yellowish or clear, however, that widens making the surface of the nail brittle, rough and crumbly, slightly raised
  • Leucoconichia: hitting the outer part of the nail turns white and opaque, flaking
  • Mycosis affecting the nail matrix, causing ulceration

In all these cases, the toenails thicken and become jagged, they tend to break because they are fragile and the appearance is opaque, often dark. To treat onychomycosis is necessary to consult a dermatologist, who analyzed the condition of the nails, will determine the degree of severity of the infection and fungi that are the cause of mycosis.

It will therefore be the specialist and prescribe the appropriate therapy or antifungal medication to be taken orally (usually just three days) and disinfectant products for topical use to be applied locally on the infected nails. A natural remedy is useful then the classic foot bath with water and vinegar. Once the nails until healed completely, you can resume normal life and also to proceed with the usual pedicure but pay attention to relapse!

Hygiene will therefore be scrupulous and in places where it is easy to contagion never walk barefoot.

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