How To Wear Culottes Pants: As Summer Wear Them?

How to make culottes pants, High waist pants, long legs and ample to calves, the bird appeared about two years ago, today, is essential garment a modern wardrobe. If you have not the pants because you do not know how to wear, I will inform you in this article about how to wear these pants summer.

Culottes Pants In The PastThe decade of the 50s, a beautiful young actress Grace Kelly to be called, mark the trend with a hitherto unknown garment, pants culottes. Ava Gardner in 1948 wearing her black oxford shoes and a white blouse with collar V without knowing that few decades, her style will turn into a trend on the catwalk.

Culottes PantsCulottes pants were quickly transformed into a symbol of fashion and attire of young people at that age, but not before being supuţi Elsa Schiaparelli thousands of interpretations, stylist, and fashion visionary.

Culottes Pants Colors In An Outfit At A Basic Level

The easiest way of wearing these pants is repeating colors in a chronological manner. If we want to create an outfit with opposite colors, we can choose different colors, but in the same range, for example, turquoise, blue and brown in a cool tint, hue nude, beige and pink warmly.

Among the main rules is always emphasizing the waist. Men blouses and wide are good, but only if we are tall and very slim. We can wear a jacket or a sweater short. We can use lace tops and discover our shoulders.

Classic Outfit Pants Culottes

Pants Advanced Culottes

To mimic fashion experts and queens Street Style is enough to see and analyze the style, Miroslava Duma.

We can mix colors like red wine, blue with black and brown, or simply create an outfit in one tone, repeating the same colors without fear extravagance in full attire.

To create an easy contrast, you can wear a necklace in a different color, which turns into protagonist outfit.

Street Style Pants Culottes

Mohican-Style Chic Trousers Culottes

We can choose any color, but we like more than one condition to the adage held at least a brown hue.

We wear pants culottes with a top that leaves the belly uncovered. To give a Mohican air is enough to add a jacket and a striped shoulder bag

If you go to a cocktail at noon, we can choose some high-heeled sandals.

Mohican pants culottes, top, high-heeled sandals, jacket, striped shoulder bag

Interpretation Cosmopolitan Pants Culottes

Straight lines and striped prints in all directions are the focal points of an urban style flawlessly. Just as with geometric cuts that give a cosmopolitan aliură our outfit.

A printed stripe are in trend. The same attire can choose the same color, size or direction of the stripes. The opposite will be, the more trendy will be our outfit.

How To Make Culottes Pants

The shoes are flat. Can be ballerinas, espadrilles, oxford summer shoes, etc.

Shirts in neutral colors like white and black will fit perfectly with a long vest with geometric lines.

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