How To Wear Your Summer Clothes At The Beginning Of The School Year?


How To Wear Your Summer Clothes

It’s back! If the return to the office after a few days is already complicated, it is even more difficult to rethread jeans after weeks of mini-shorts and light dresses. To not feel totally in the winter, we give you the good looks to adapt to tackle her summer clothes in September.

Your tan in the summer has not completely cleared yet, and yet, the comeback is there.

You still have your feet in the sand and your head on the deckchair.

To stay a little longer on vacation, we advise you not to put away your clothes full of summer.Summer Clothes

Even in the office, the slightest little light dress can warm up with the right pieces and trendy accessories.

We explain to you how to wear summer clothes in the beginning, when the temperatures decrease little by little.

Good fashion combinations for a fall look

Back to school, the beginning of autumn … This is the perfect time to focus on her fashion style. As it is neither too hot nor too cold, it is the perfect opportunity to mix subtly our favorite parts of summer and winter. What to offer looks very trendy!

For example, to warm up our light dresses, we do not skimp on jackets. Perfecto, bomber, jean jacket or military, they all agree with our colorful short dresses.

And to break the “holiday” effect, you swap your sandals for a pair of trendy sneakers or flat leather boots.

If you have a little dress with thin straps, it’s time to wear a white t-shirt or a fine sweater underneath. This fashion combination is right in the fall-winter 2018-2019 trends.

To style our mini-skirts and beach shorts, it’s time to pull out sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. Ditto for midi skirts, with floral print or to summer: with a long-sleeved top, they are immediately more autumnal.

And it’s not because it’s autumn that you have to give up your pretty crop tops. On the contrary! For a more urban look, we wear them with a jeans mom and a pretty fitted blazer.

Good accessories trend for the return

As for shoes, your wedge sneakers are welcome in your dressing room. With jeans or a midi skirt, they are ideal if you do not want to wear your leather boots from September.

For the more adventurous, you can always opt for pretty fancy socks in your shoes or sandals.

For trendy handbags, the wicker basket is doing very well in the city. It is enough to return to her street side by going there Franco on the outfit of re-entry.

Ditto for pockets too flashy evening: they will save a look a little too strict while avoiding falling too much.

For trendy jewelry, we do not hesitate to keep our earrings and our necklaces fanciful. They are perfect for waking up a total black look.

Now that you know how to wear summer clothes in the fall, you can not get depressed!

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