How To Wear Turban For Casual Outfit Look with Accessories

How to wear turban style to learn 5 simple wear rules with accessories with a trench coat or jeans and sneakers for a casual look and every day; instead pair it…

The turban: some advice to wear it with class

Do you like the turban but you’re not sure how to take it?

Here are some tips for you to not give up style for a must-have accessory

How To Wear Turban

How To Wear Red Turban and Baggy Trousers for An Ethnic Style

We have seen that the turban, in version headgear or band, is one of the leading trends of the season. Accessory ancient and a history are articulated now joined our outfits, embellishing them and giving them a style ethnic-chic really special.

After seeing the models most in vogue, it’s time to learn 5 simple rules to wear enhancing our face, the outfits that fit better and the circumstances in which it is allowed to wear it or not.

The turban is fascinating, but it is not a simple accessory, take note of these tips in order to avoid awkward slips of style!

Learn 5 Turban Style Tips

As all accessories unconventional turban is not for all, or rather, it is necessary to know how to bring it.

Here are some elements of style.

Ears my fear

Being a tight turban headdress tends to highlight in a particular way the ears. For those who have to protrude, but also for those who have normal, better fix a lock of hair to cover the top of the ears. If you have fine hair or ears a bit’… abundant with protruding strand to avoid that they do not (regrettably) head.

Right where it has to be

The turban (especially if end version) must have a precise location, ie starting from the most rounded forehead, near the hairline if brought too fell on his forehead, is likely to look like a bandage, if too far behind … simply, is no longer a turban!

A tuft to lengthen the face

The turban, creating a marked line at the hairline of the forehead, is likely to make it look like your face wider than it actually is. No problem let a tuft of hair free on one side of the face: the visual effect created by the vertical strand balance everything, returning to your face to its original form.

Pump the volume

You are wearing headgear or turban-end version if the hair is loose, it’s nice that they are voluminous (if the hairline or at the end).

So volumizing your hair, maybe taking them all on one side to create an added sense of fullness…

How To Wear Turban and Braid

To loosen a bit ‘the intensity of the look, the turban is beautiful when worn with the braid. Better if the side and soft, with a few tufts escaping “voluntarily” by combing to outline your face (again) by limiting the effect round face that this hat is likely to confer.

When How To Wear Turban and what to wear

We said that the turban is a headdress sought that enhances our outfits, but that does not mean you have to wear only on special occasions and elegant.

Choose a model soberer, perhaps in solid combined with a dress in geometric patterns and bag with fringes for a look decidedly hippie.

Obviously there are the models worked very turban worn exclusively on special occasions and with a low profile outfits although chic to avoid the effect overdressed; for a special evening you can even afford a simple turban with a plain dress a little ‘more work to enrich your outfit, giving it that of ethnic and much sought after.

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