How To Wearing Long Dresses

How To Wearing Long Dresses
How To Wearing Long Dresses

Women definitely consider shopping for clothes as a very enjoyable activity, even most of those many who feel addicted. But for some women who are not quite satisfied with their bodies due to difficulties in finding a suitable dress size would consider shopping for clothes no more than a duty.

offers a variety of new innovations in both the lean and big bodied. Before getting to know the various motifs long dress, you’ll want to know the advantages of using a long dress:


Camouflage long dress

Excellent long dress in camouflage skin concerns such as freckles, moles, and scars. Adolescents and women with excess body weight as well as women who are not in peak physical condition usually choose to use long dress because they want to hide the shortcomings.


Modesty long dress

There are some women who choose not to show their skin. Many people feel that a long dress is more appropriate and polite to be used as body shape will not be visible.


Warmth long dress

Dress length must be very ideal for use in winter and cool temperate countries throughout the year. Long dress may also be more convenient for women who work in air conditioned office with cool temperatures in the summer.


Long dress Style

Long dress has a wide range of variation but the long dress also has its drawbacks one drawback is the length of the dress will be felt sooner body heat, especially in humid weather. In addition, the long dress is also not suitable for use in the summer unless you are adept at choosing fabrics and designs.

While the motif long dress that choked on the rise today are:

Motif Butterfly

Motif Butterfly Long dress

Butterfly motif dress is very suitable for parties or get together with friends like hanging out in cafes and malls.


Long floral dress

Long floral dress is not only suitable for adult women but also young women. This motif will make you look fresh and modern. The design motif is very popular among many because motives are pretty will make women look more elegant when wearing it.

Batik Motif

Motif is suitable to work in the office. Currently, long dress batik motif is also very easy to find in many stores as well as online shop mall. Long dress motif is also available to the couple. Many couples are interested in batik motif because it can make them more harmonious appearance.

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