HTC Desire SV Senior 2 SIM Smartphone


HTC Desire SV is not first dual SIM smartphone but is most notable products in this segment of the market. After HTC Desire V debuted last year continues to support dual SIM smartphone. It is equipped with many manufacturers use cheap model, however, Desire students in the group of medium-high grade, good configuration features, nice design and reasonable price. If Desire V starts to kick in putting two SIM 2 waves on the smartphone in the intermediate group, the Desire SV confirmed features two SIM can come with good design, high configuration.

HTC Desire SV Senior 2 SIM Smartphone

Launched earlier this year, Desire SV style influenced the design of the new model. The elegant contours, shape flat front or sealed tight with accents on the back to bring a breath of fresh air in the design and show the investment and care little about the quality from HTC. The front of the SV is covered with flat-screen, full-screen glass overflowing create luxurious appearance. In particular, three touch-sensitive keys below include Back, Home and Menu in white with the HTC logo above. The speaker of the machine is made very well with a horizontal split.

Desire SV easy holding frame with smooth and soft, HTC designed slightly bent, holding hands, so both sides look very thin and save buttons, just the right buttons to increase or decrease the volume. Power button and headphone jack onto the top while the micro USB port as usual is arranged below.

With a 4.3-inch screen size, Desire students feel fit while holding and feeling “eyes” while watching entertainment content or surf the web on the big screen while the user is still comfortable free to use a finger to text or put forefinger to lock / turn on the power button. In this version, the HTC using Super LCD display technology 2. Like the company’s product launches this year, the new technology for photo-realistic, color does not push too hard but still good visibility in the sun next to the image, the text is brilliant.

HTC Desire SV Senior 2 SIM Smartphone-0

Sense 4.1 interface on the Android operating system is the pride of Desire students. Similarly the recent version HTC to customize the interface to conditions of use in addition, the user can use the extra features characteristic of the Sense ring as fast by phone upside down, update the information continuously the battery saving mode

With the ability to support two SIM a strong configuration Desire SV smartphone are many people interested in this feature. Practical test showed that the use of two SIM to make calls reception, 3G connectivity almost no matter what the with Desire students, all well executed also in this version, HTC use two SIM management tools such as make calls, message from the SIM. Soft tasks are done through a single select when taxing, calling. Using SIM 1 to SIM 3G connection while the second side only allow communication on the EDGE.

This model supports Wi-Fi connectivity web browsing on the 3G or wireless networks are convenient, thanks to dual-core chip, the operations connected, share proceeds faster. One of the notable equipped on the Beats Audio, users can use the headset, turn it up and customize it Beats on the SV with the warm bass and “ears” while the treble is quite soft, steady slow songs using melodies.

HTC Desire SV Senior 2 SIM Smartphone-

Camera testing process on Desire SV also very noticeable this is a smartphone that HTC has brought the camera 8 “dots” with BSI sensor, in addition users can capture wide-angle 28mm up to f/2.2 aperture, allowing implementation of the picture in terms of sky sky stability. Similar to One X allowing continuous shooting by pressing and holding & the photographs from the machine is very good especially in bright conditions for high-resolution detail and white balance even quite strong image contrast.

On dual-core chip operation when using Desire SV virtually no latency move on the Sense interface, open the app go in game graphics are very smooth Machines processor Qualcomm MSM 8225 Snapdragon 1 GHz Cortex A5 core. HTC provides parameters that this model uses 768MB RAM while accompanied by the Adreno 203 graphics.

Whether to use two SIM but the battery on the Desire V still allows use about a day when continuous 3G connection and on the first day if you surf the web, play games moderately. Virtually, there is no difference when adding two SIM smartphone from HTC battery other models with the same size.

Easy to find, with innovative design, easy to use and good performance, Desire SV model standing in the middle group. In addition, the use of two SIM allows users to add a second account or continuously connected while abroad, just keep in touch roaming and use a local SIM.

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