Humus Healthiest Spread the World

Humus Healthiest Spread the World
Humus Healthiest Spread the World

Humus is indispensable delicacy Arab world. Everything smells of Arabic cuisine will most likely offer humus for many the best but also the healthiest spread the world

If you like exotic cuisine, although this is a very mild taste then you must try the hummus. Some call it pate, another hummus but certainly this is one of the most famous specialties Middle East. Moreover he originally belongs to Lebanese cuisine but great everywhere in the Arab world.

Chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemons are the main ingredients of this prayer, although the Lebanese (and all those who love humus) say that there is no good without tahini humus.


“Chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon essential ingredients of humus”

Fortunately tahini can already be found in some better stocked local grocery stores came up to you whether you want to decorate with black olives, hummus and whether you’ll add finely chopped fresh mint. When you solve this dilemma is basically a matter of proportions.

Hardly will you hummus great turn out for the first time because it requires a subtle hand in determining the ratio of olive oil broth in which the cooked chick peas and lemon juice. Also, each recipe has some of your favorite seasoning. And do not forget freshly ground pepper.

You desire and you try to prepare Lebanese delicacies and healthiest spreads in the world we bring you a recipe for hummus

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