Ice Tea Macaroon Pie Hit Frosted Small Pleasures of Summer


The summer is the sun past bubbled and holidays at the end of the world or almost (the Basque coast it also has its charm) hours. But not that as summer awakens our senses as our gluttony and naturally turns to the small icy pleasures this year, we innovate and vanilla ice cream is swapped against a share of pie or a cogito ice tea hit well please.

Ice Tea Macaroon pie Hit Frosted Small Pleasures of Summer

Before the beach, there is the race extra pounds and monitors the contents of plate to fit perfectly into jersey. But once past this difficult time we have only one desire to have fun. Of course, our reason (and our dietician) advises us not to rush our eyes closed on the Nutella waffle that tends us arms and we turn instead to the frozen delights. And again this summer there’s plenty to do to delight our taste buds.

Frosted Cakes and Ice a Badge

Frosted Cakes and Ice a Badge

Exit the ice cream cone this summer dessert changes shape and reinvents it, In Hugo & Victor here transformed into share of ice. A Tahitian vanilla, lemon or strawberry lemon cheese cake waiting to be eaten delicately placed on a financial biscuit. They do not make a mouthful!

Same at Mother Family, which offers four recipes pies discover ice release. Raspberry crumble, vanilla praline, intense chocolate and lemon meringue, it will be hard to choose. It is out 30 minutes before serving and savored with a spoon…

Other greedy proposal Pierre Hermé this time. Specialist badges proposes to rediscover in pots of ultra gourmet ice. Pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, lemon, we love the velvety texture dotted with bursts of macaroons.

Perfume Lovers and Tea Cocktails

Tea Cocktails

If those who pay attention to their line even in the summer will find comfort in It Mylk, with Frozen Yogurt 0% most demanding can enjoy new flavors available in very attractive radius. Monoprix is the famous Mont Blanc Angelina reinventing itself, glossy format. A small pot for maximum thrills greedy. Fans of peanut butter crack them for the new kid at Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter.

Who said was also said drink. To replace the conventional soda or little pink how about a test or cogito Tea Sangria? Of signature cocktails signed by Tea, based on green tea or rooibos, which blow a fresh wind on our snack breaks.

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