Iman Cosmetics Launch CC cream


For black women, find a covering cream that perfectly matches her complexion challenge. It seems Iman came to our rescue. His brand Iman Cosmetics has finally made the leap into the world of CC creams.

Many other brands of skin care recited the alphabet when it comes to their products. Products to correct skin tone, better known as DC, have been successful in the world of beauty since its launch there over a year. But the legendary model was in no hurry to join the party, taking his time to develop his new salary, CC Correct & Cover Cream Concealer Powder to available in five colors, the formula is made for darker skin to dark shades which are difficult to find.

Iman says she is very concerned with the problems of women complexion. “In my own family, my sisters, my mother and I are four different shades, so most of the time it is not ethnicity, but the skin color.”The needs of each woman are the same, no matter how clear or as a Swedish girl as dark a Nubian Sudan, it does not matter – everyone wants the same thing, a beautiful complexion without fault.”

His latest treatment is designed to hydrate while filling wrinkles. The formula contains amino acids, proteins, vitamins B, C and E and beta carotene. It also includes the Indian plant, “Boerhaavia” to reduce inflammation, balance skin tone and correct its deficiencies.

Iman Cosmetics Launch CC cream
Iman Cosmetics Launch CC cream

This powder – cream formula is the perfect complement to their BB cream. “We love BB cream have a lighter coverage but it is clear that we need to use a concealer to cover dark circles,” said Iman. This is not a traditional concealer. It disappears completely. You do not need a lot of powder and it is a perfect combination – you do not see where it starts and where it stops.”

Coinciding with the launch of the cream, the brand will introduce a new application, which is designed to bring the experience of beauty consultant all for free. Users can add their photos and adjust the light quality images. Then, customers will receive the recommendations of foundations and powders as well as ideas for additional products for different looks.

The five shades Iman CC cream are priced at $ 15 each. The products are currently on the U.S. site since Dec. 15. The date of sale in France has not yet been disclosed.

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