In Order For Durable Make Up

In Order For Durable Make Up
In Order For Durable Make Up

In order to make up last longer look first at the foundation because this section will normally determine whether the make up in our face will fade faster.

Before applying foundation make sure first if you are using the wet sponge. And when applying foundation if we try to use the push technique and not rub so that the pores can be closed with more flat and perfect. In addition we are also not advised to apply foundation is too thick because it will only make the make up did not seem natural. After that we can apply the powder evenly.

In Order For Durable Make Up -2The next step is to use eyeliner. Kind can be adapted to our wishes (pencil or liquid). After that we could put a transparent powder using a wet brush on the eyelid line. For blush problems women usually only apply one time but to get the perfect results that are durable blush should be applied two times.

The first is after using foundation and powder.

Apply blush on the first stage with the following her shading thicker. And after that we can apply again different sow more thinly.

In Order For Durable Make UpThe thing to remember is that when applying blush on the second stage, we have to paint it as thin as possible, because it is constituted with a thicker blush. And do not forget to use the blush on the same color though her shading different.

In Order For Durable Make Up -1After that we can move to the lipstick. The most useful tips that lipstick last longer is to apply foundation before using lipstick because the foundation will make the lipstick last longer. So the proper steps are to apply foundation first and then line the lips and applying lipstick followed by us in the desired area.

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