In Order For the Pas Glasses Face Shape

In Order For the Pas Glasses Face Shape
In Order For the Pas Glasses Face Shape

Glasses are the most sought after accessories by most people. At the current time the glasses not only for read or write but at the present time has turned into accessories to complement the beauty of a person.

People will think that he was very cool when wearing glasses. Trend and model of glasses today are very diverse. Sometimes you find yourself confused choosing the appropriate model of eye glasses with your face.

Most of us are wrong in choosing sunglasses make you look less attractive. Well, following are some tips that you can apply to choose glasses that fit the shape of your face posture.

1. Round Face

Round Face

Owner synonymous with round face and chubby cheeks are cute. To demonstrate the impression of cute and pretty you choose a square shaped glasses so the face looks more dimension and longer. When choosing sunglasses round will make the face look more round and worsen your appearance.

2. Square Face

Square Face

Square face with a strong jaw faces that you frequently encountered. for you who has the posture of a square face with a strong jaw or select glasses wide round or oval so that your jaw is not so visible. Do not use square glasses because it will clarify your jaw shape and will worsen your appearance.

3. Heart Face

Heart Face

Someone who has a heart shaped face with will look firm. Therefore appropriate to wear glasses are rimmed glasses are slim because it is suitable for heart shaped face. Even the glasses that have a slender frame suitable for use. The glasses will add a trendy impression on you.

4. Triangular Faces

Triangular Faces

For you women who have a triangular face has a narrow forehead but widened in the jaw and cheek. Because the jaw and cheeks are slightly wider choose sunglasses that have a thick fringe and extend to the top. Make sure you can balance the shape glasses upside down face.

5. Oval Face

Oval Face -2

Women who have an oval face or commonly called the long face usually have a straight cheek line and is longer than the width of the face. Choose thick glasses shaped box that extends laterally to strengthen your character’s face.

6. Oval Face

Oval Face -3

Oval face or commonly called the oval shaped face is beautiful face. Face shape like this is a dream of almost every woman in the world. Be thankful if you have a face like that. Because the oval face shape is suitable to use any shaped glasses. So you will look more fashionable by wearing glasses with the model and any form.

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