10+ Interior Decorating Ideas For Creative Self-Realization [2021 2022]


Interior decorating ideas with layout tips and beautiful home furnishing for your lovely home.

You can bring a lot of charm and style to your home decor by adding some elements that you made yourself. It is also cheaper and more personal than decoration purchased in a store.

A simple interior decorating a wall or placed on a table object is sometimes the basis of the interior of an entire room. Here are two creative projects that you can easily achieve by following the instructions below. Give your home a personal touch!

Interior Decorating

Project 1: Original Mirror Bathroom

This beautiful mirror will bring charm to your decor. Pick up a mirror of about 16 x 16 cm and a wood panel 34 x 34 cm. In a craft store, you will find small pebbles sold in half a kilo bag. If you have already collected pebbles during your holiday, you can use them.

First, set your mirror to the carpenter’s glue in the center of the wood panel. Let it dry and protect it in the edges with masking tape. Then start putting on wood shingle using glue mosaic to cover the entire panel. Allow a little space between the pieces.

Pick up a tube of paste grouting (in hardware). With this product, fill the spaces between the rollers then move the tip of your fingers on each contour. Let dry for about ten minutes and then, using a damp sponge, wipe the excess product that has spread on the rollers. Before adding this item to your decor, do not forget to attach a device to hang on the wall.

Project 2: Change the Appearance of a Lampshade

A plain lampshade that looks bland and outdated will become the center of interest of your interior if you put a little of your creativity. In craft shops, you’ll find stencils, stamps to be printed with color inks for fabric, or patterns to press to give your lamp a whole new life. If you choose a pattern, you can choose to apply it randomly over the entire surface of the shade or only a part.

Interior Decorating Ideas For Hot Summer Day

Summer came again with a hot heat like burning everything, on summer days people often choose to go to cafes and commercial centers to avoid heat.

However, people have forgotten their homeroom Interior Decorating; it will be extremely cool and comfortable on summer days if we know how to choose the right home decorations. Let’s explore the interior design ideas for this summer with a home gift.

1. Use Green Trees To Cover The House Space With Interior Decorating

Interior decorating, Of course, you will not be able to bring the whole tree into the house, but you can choose medium plants and ornamental pots to make room decorations.

The small green potted plants will blow a fresh breeze to your room, help regulate the air, decompose toxins to make the room more cool and fresh, to protect your health.

Family as well as dispel the heat of summer day. Especially the natural green of the trees will be a highlight to make the room space soft and create a new feeling for the opposite person.

2. Interior Decorating Ideas With Gently Cool Pastel Colors

In interior decorating, pastel colors have many different meanings such as pastels, the light blue of trees, crayons … But to make it easier to recognize, we can understand Pastel as pale colors to create a soothing or pastel sensation. For pale pastel colors of all available colors.

Pastel color gamut is now very popular among young people, widely used in clothing, clothes, shoes, etc. Especially in interior design for summer days, pastel colors are an always-choice option. Top of the vote.

Entering the room with a bright and light pastel color, you will feel like you are lost in a fresh, airy space without any trace of hot summer. You can combine pastel colors with decorative objects, cushion covers, or wallpaper that will surprise you with the effect it brings.

3. Beautify The Space Outside The Garden Or Balcony With Interior Decorating

If you pay too much attention to creating a cool atmosphere for the space inside, leaving the space outside the house will cause you to have a thermal shock when opening the door.

However, you do not need to worry now to create your balcony a green space as well as planting lots of trees, flowers in the garden, put a table and chairs with family and friends to enjoy the meal It was wonderful to be outdoors in the sun.

The beauty of the outer space also makes your home stand out impressively at first glance for the opposite; especially it will help balance the air between inside and outside the house.

4. Interior Decorating Ideas –Add Funny Graphics

Referring to the summer, people will immediately think of the colorful and funny pictures of the tropical region. The fun-filled vignettes that once made the movie island are now ready to return to home decorations such as rainforest motifs, animals, flowers, fruits, …

That will be Impressive accents for the house, you will feel you are in a cool tropical forest, not a room with four cramped, hot walls.

5. Interior Decorating Ideas –Decorate New Chevron Style

The main design is the V-shaped cylindrical block, the four sides to the center of the ornament are the main idea of ​​the New Chevron style in interior decoration.

The extremely simple new chevron style brings a touch of light, this is a unique touchpoint on a brilliant summer day. Although it is simple, it still does not lose luxury to the house.

Hopefully, with 5 ideas for interior design ideas for home decorations, it will help you have a comfortable space right in your beloved home without having to find another place to escape the summer day.

Nice Interior Decorating Ideas With Small Area

The most important thing is that you need to identify the area and main features of each space and do not waste money on luxury items just because you feel they are beautiful. Greed can turn the largest villas into cramped, cramped, and confusing. One of the most important keys of interior decorating is harmony and fit on the whole.

Don’t rush to think that small space is a limitation. Conversely, this defined area will help you focus on what is most needed, as well as be able to change things without spending much money.

Currently, all kinds of multi-purpose beautiful home furniture are available in the market and are extremely diverse. Not only furniture, beauty for a home also includes the interior decorating of the walls, floor … You have a lot of choices of wall colors, the unique patterns of wallpaper or quality material, and fancy design of floor mats.

Do everything so that after all the furniture is put in its place; the space is for you to be really comfortable, full, and warm for your family members.

1. Interior Decorating In Small Toilets

Toilets in small houses are often likened to birdhouses, but as a result, you can master every centimeter of the space. This bathroom design has enough room for washing machine sets, sinks, and toilet seats, to meet all requirements of homeowners.

Green potted plants on the bathtub counter add new vitality to small spaces. The uniformity of colors and materials in the smallest detail shows that periodicity is never superfluous in beautiful home furnishing.

2. Interior Decorating For Small Living Room

The living room of this small beautiful house can be as attractive as the big house’s halls if you know how to arrange or set up tables and chairs that fit the room size. The large, pale pink wall painting stands out to become the focal point around white walls and neutral gold wood.

The luxurious crystal chandelier once again reaffirms the sophistication and elegance of this living room, despite the limited area.

3. Seat Color

In the small living rooms of the beautiful house, bright and neutral colors are often chosen by many families.

A few striking colors can bring about an unexpected result. Instead of a kind of light cream-colored sofa, two bright blue large loungers became brilliant. Multi-colored tea tables in front of gray cabinets are also interesting to contrast.

4. Wall Interior Decorating

Indoor space will change when the color of the walls changes, especially with the small house. Reality also shows that walls have more potential than you think. It can become a neat storage shelf, a display of favorite paintings, or posters.

5. Make use of space

One of the troubles that many families face when owning a small-sized house is the storage space. Designing a beautiful house with a wall and bed as well as many of these versatile drawers can solve all the problems for families with small children.

6. Sophisticated Color Combinations

This small living room will be more attractive and unique than ever when the blue velvet chair and the colorful striped carpet. But the most interesting feature of this beautiful home design is not only in color but also in the way architects arrange to display holes in the walls to increase the area as well as carpet materials and easy-to-clean seats clean, move to be more reasonable.

7. A Neat And Minimalist Kitchen Room

What about the kitchen? The typical space of housewives with countless small items needs to be neatly and neatly arranged. Why don’t you try the bright red color combined with the metallic light, creating an overall sleek and modern space that is inspiring to cook? Beautiful home design kitchen counters need to be compacted and make room for wall-mounted shelves.

8. Unique Chandelier Design

The style of a beautiful vintage house is usually very unique. The dining table is made of fairly thick marble in sync with the seats, reflecting the color of the seats. The main highlight of this dining room is the chandeliers that have both fancy and luxurious wood shoots.

9. Do Not Leave The Walls Blank

In this picture, we see the bedroom is taking advantage of many functions including tables, beds, and sofas set with medium size. The walls are painted white and hang some colored paintings

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