(The First) Intimate Shave: That’s How it Works


Do you want to shave your genital area but don’t really know how to do it properly? Then you are exactly right here. We have a guide and explain it to you step by step!

With the first friend or puberty, we are more concerned with our bodies.

  • What does my body look like?
  • What does the body of other girls look like?
  • And what do I find beautiful about myself?

Opinions differ, especially when it comes to intimate hairstyles. If you decide to shave your genital area, it is for the sole reason that you want it – and not because it is a common ideal of beauty. Nobody should push you, not even your boyfriend or girlfriend.

(The First) Intimate Shave

It is YOUR body and ONLY YOU decide what it looks like and what you feel most comfortable with.

If you should try a complete shave in the genital area, we have put together the perfect step-by-step instructions for you here. All the important things you need to consider are included. And now – let’s start.

01. Protect your pubic hair before shaving

This is especially important before the very first shave. You can use normal nail scissors for this. But be careful! Don’t cut yourself! Too long hair can clog the blades when shaving and you could easily injure yourself. If your pubic hair is trimmed as short as possible , go to step two.

02. Use Shaving Cream or Gel

Shaving foam softens the hair before shaving and makes shaving the genital area much easier. The individual hair can be separated so much cleaner. In addition, your sensitive skin gets an extra portion of care when you shave.

If you prefer not to use shaving foam, for example because you don’t tolerate it so well due to the perfume it contains, you can simply use warm water. Simply shower the hairs in the genital area hot for a few minutes, this opens the pores, the hairs are softened and shaving is much easier.

03. Use the Right Razor

A razor with a swivel head easily reaches uneven areas such as the crook of the leg. So you do n’t run the risk of hurting yourself. Disposable razors not only harm the environment, they are also not safe enough for intimate shaving. You don’t want to cut yourself!

04. The Direction of Growth

Before you start shaving wildly, you should know that the hairs should be separated in the direction of growth. This protects your skin and prevents razor burn and skin irritation. Even shaving pimples cannot even arise. The skin does not become inflamed but remains nice and soft.

05. Proper Care after Intimate Shaving

After shaving, you should take care of your irritated skin. An aftershave lotion is ideal for this. A real insider tip is baby powder, because what is good for baby skin also cares for our sensitive intimate area!

06. Wear Cotton Underwear

This step is of course not a must – but it has its advantage! Because cotton underwear ensures that skin irritation in the genital area is less common. Cotton underwear is also comfortable and breathable.

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