Is Degree More Important Than Skills?


It is a common question among young people today, is it better to be skilled than to have a degree? There is no doubt that the global epidemic of the coronavirus has helped everyone to rethink their capabilities and prepare themselves to face new challenges.

The question that is on everyone’s mind is whether they can meet the demands of doing efficient jobs digitally while living in their own home. Among the lockdowns around the world, the biggest challenge for most working-class people was to adopt analog-to-digital-style work.

Degree Skills or Skills Degree?

If you look, these are two different sides of the same coin. To succeed in this race of life, any individual must have a degree of expertise in a particular field. If you have no skills, the degree will be as empty as a glass of water. The combination of skills and degrees is crucial to living a good life.

A degree with a degree in a particular field from any university is just a document issued by academics. While not every skilled individual can get a degree. You may have noticed that some people are very good at many things, But they do not have any degree in this particular field from any university. Similarly, no degree holder is always an expert in practice.

Let’s take a look at history

We see that employers have compiled bachelors or higher degrees as required for the interview. But the world has changed significantly. People with the highest educational degrees are unemployed and people with less education who have some kind of skill or expertise are making up for the shortfall.

Degrees are a gateway to employment.

As a third-world country, experts on technological advancement is focus more on education alone, which results in neglecting the skills required for employment.

There is no denying the importance of education and it is also true that a degree is a good way for you to earn prestige and social credibility in your nation. However this varies with the level of credibility degree, the greater the degree the higher the salary and the better the post. It is an authentic certificate, which enables an individual to learn the work environment and gain the ability to work in his field.

The Degree Is Still Considered A Seal Of Professional Competence.

Universities need professional training for better graduates. Sadly, if we ask a graduate to write a page on any topic, believe me, he or she can’t do it.

Skill Training Is the Way To Progress

With the increasing changes in the fields of technology like data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, the world is demanding an expert for this job. There is a gap in the industry for traditional learners, and it is thought that this approach will soon become obsolete. Undoubtedly, skills, leadership, creative and critical thinking in the field of soft skills such as communication will always require employers to hire qualified and skilled employees.

Why Is An Internship Required For Pre-Education?

The Higher Education Commission has set a demand for degrees in recent years. In Pakistan, for example, having a bachelor’s degree and at least a three-year internship in an accounting firm is essential for a chartered accountant (CA).

Technical firms and other companies are also providing Fresher with a platform to enhance their God-given abilities and creativity. A fixed amount or stipend is also paid to the trainee as an incentive.

What’s next?

So the question before us now is, are we preparing for the next big challenge? Companies that require the required skills. With the rapid increase in demand for non-formal education from them, there is no doubt that a tumultuous change in education awaits the end of the old and traditional style of education. There is a list of numerous institutes for learning and developing skills, which teach technical skills.

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