Is the Solarium Gives A Nice Tan And Is Safe For Your Skin?


Nothing could make us happier than to have a golden tan well throughout the year. The Solarium, also known as tanning beds or tanning booths are a good way to get a tan surprising for a short time. A solarium is a device emitting ultraviolet radiation used to produce a tan to the skin. They emit UV rays that resemble the sun.

Is the Solarium Gives A Nice Tan And Is Safe For Your Skin

Users lie on a bed or standing in front of a UV-emitting panel UVs.

The Solariums are often presented as a way to “pre-tanning” for the summer, protecting your skin from the sun burners. They help us to maintain a tan all year round and they cure diseases and correct the appearance of the skin.

Recent studies have shown that tanning in solarium is less harmful than tanning in the sun, although exposure to UV safe does not exist. The Solariums are suitable for all skin types except hypersensitive skin.

The ratio between UVA and UVB rays is balanced which reduces the risk of injury to a minimum. The maximum exposure time is usually 5 to 20 minutes. The buttons inside the cabin allow you to correct the power to control the fans and even listen to your favorite songs.

What are the benefits of tanning in solarium?

  • Exposure to UV light leads to the production of vitamin D in the skin
  • The Solarium tanning helps fight acne by drying the skin
  • Your skin can not burn
  • The Solarium creates a constant level of UV in a given time
  • It promotes blood circulation
  • It accelerates the browning of the skin

What are the risks of solarium?

  • Increases the risk of skin cancer
  • It causes premature aging of the skin, because UVA rays destroying collagen and connective tissue in the superficial layers of the skin
  • eye damage
  • It irritates the skin and causes blisters
  • It reduces the rate of collagen
  • It increases the pigmentation

What cosmetic use in a tanning solarium?

Sunscreen is unnecessary. There are products designed for tanning in solarium. They do not contain a protective screen, but they attract UV rays on the skin, providing an even tan and fast.

Products for tanning in solarium not only ensure an even tan but also moisturize and nourish the skin.

Tips for Effective Solarium

  • A solarium is not suitable for persons under 16 years.
  • Always wear goggles when using the appliance: the cornea and conjunctiva can easily ignite.
  • Do not use perfumes or deodorants before a solarium.
  • Remove jewelry and watch.
  • Use professional cosmetics.
  • Start with an exhibition that does not exceed 5 minutes and gradually increase until the maximum exposure time in about a month.
  • Never stand more than 20 minutes.
  • Never go to solarium twice a day.
  • Protect your hair when you use a solarium.
  • Always apply a balm protective lip.
  • Exfoliate your body before tanning in solarium.


  • Allergy to sunlight
  • Blood vessels dilated.
  • If your skin is sensitive.
  • If you have a sunburn

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