Isabel Marant Viktor & Rolf Fashion Show Dresses at Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marant Viktor & Rolf Fashion Show Dresses at Paris Fashion Week
Isabel Marant Viktor & Rolf Fashion Show Dresses at Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marant Fall-Winter fashion show 2014/2015 at Fashion Week in Paris

Fashion show 2014-2015, Isabel Marant built a collection that also relaxed structured. A thoughtful blend that hits the Paris Fashion Week…

It is the turn of Isabel Marant pours her creative energy to the Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014/2015. The mannequins have understood the attitude is relaxed. They argue without making head, hands in pockets. The show opens with bright outfits, tinged with sweetness. Perhaps this is due to the pink sheep skin which made its debut on the podium.

Isabel Marant fashion show Dresses at Fashion Week in Paris

A black and white coat style parka is observed, as well as graphics printed waves, like the grounds of an amphora Ancient Greece. Silhouettes of Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2014/2015 are cool and sharp. Creative mixes comfort and style to the delight of her fans. A (very) long overcoat anthracite covers a brown sweater and a short skirt and metallic wallet. All accompanied boots riding on the ankle. Ample pull mesh is associated with a short micro printed, while oversized sweatshirt covers a mini-skirt. Typical figures are all the charm of the girl Isabel Marant.

Do not look for a major theme on the Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2014/2015. The show is based on the accumulation of inspirations. Army, surf, city or sport, they succeed on the podium. Creative exaggerating shoulders as in the 80s. Functional clothing alongside mottled blazers and a small metallic jacket an aerial dress- shirt is worn under a wide coat without sleeves. An attendant combination with the top tied around the hips, slips between several rooms or padded scattered sequins. Like what we have seen on the Lanvin Fall-Winter 2014/2015, Isabel Marant knows about proportions. Do not believe its casual figures lack structure or technique far from it. The designer gives pride to origami folds or drapery. Besides these we find a similar model to a collection of H & M x Isabel Marant dress.

The Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2014/2015 offered audiences a color gradient. The show begins with white and pink hues, before continuing on a khaki and brown walking. Green and blue after let in gray, which itself gives way to black. Edie Campbell closes the parade, hands in the pockets of a dark suit and quilted sleeveless adorned with some rhinestones here and there & the ultimate proof of stylish relaxation Isabel Marant.

Viktor & Rolf fashion show fall-winter 2014/2015 at Fashion Week in Paris

Today, Viktor & Rolf presented their autumn-winter fashion show 2014/2015 at Fashion Week in Paris. Both creators take us on a fashion highway or traffic like clothes are fluid Viktor & Rolf the parade autumn-winter 2014/2015 at Fashion Week in Paris…

Viktor & Rolf Fashion Show Dresses at Paris Fashion Week -

Viktor & Rolf have come a long way since 1992, with graduation year in Artez Institute. More than twenty years later, the two designers do not seem about to stop. Between their return to the Haute Couture arena after 13 years of absence, the opening of their first Paris flagship store and the launch of a new perfume (Sweet) in January, the Dutch continue to trace their route. This also seems to be the theme of the parade Viktor & Rolf Fall-Winter 2014/2015 at Fashion Week in Paris. Presented today at the Jardin des Tuileries, their collection takes us on a road trip fashion against a backdrop of live performance artist Joan as Police Woman. The decor puts us right back into the atmosphere forgot the dark background of the Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2014/2015; Viktor & Rolf show a crossover of comic roads. On the ground, a broad gray band is adorned with a white marking. A road flanked by a few lamps here and there. Gray clothes as bitumen roam the podium, while black and white are needed as companions.

Viktor & Rolf Fashion Show Dresses at Paris Fashion Week -0

Viktor & Rolf the parade autumn-winter 2014-2015 uses the same codes as the Haute Couture show Spring-Summer 2014. Program: draped, fluidity and asymmetry. So long side sections of tissues were observed over a blouse, sweater or top peplum. There is also a rigid end pieces but lose nothing of their movement.

Viktor & Rolf creations reason some parent’s sham, like a bra reminding us of the Prada collection of spring 2014. Other garments combine floral and pixels. Faced with gray, black and white colors, the middle of the show Viktor & Rolf 2014/2015 lights up blue and coral both Dutch promote bi-material parts and mixtures textures. Leather, satin and velvet are so carpooling with nearly transparent muslin or waxed area. As Alber Elbaz at Lanvin Fall-Winter 2014/2015, Viktor & Rolf have fringes on a jacket and a coat. Cold season requires, we bundled up in the mesh, whether real or represented. This sometimes takes the discrete mesh as co- driver, when it is not accompanied by decorative stones. Parallel strips of wool arise as a light skirt veil. After this new parade at the Paris Fashion Week, Viktor & Rolf still have a nice road ahead.

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