Italian Easter Dove Recipe For Easter In Home Remedies

Italian Easter Dove Recipe recognized for Easter

Italian Easter Dove (Lombardia) Recipe

Italian Easter Dove recipe, together easter egg, is recognized as the Easter cake for excellence in all of Italy. This traditional dessert has Lombard origins but was immediately produced in all Italian regions. Its distinctive taste is due to the presence of candy and frosting to cover with almonds.

Italian Easter Dove Recipe

Easter Dove With Thermomix

For those who have the Thermomix is the recipe of the dove indicated in the magazine “We, You, Thermomix”. And ‘one of the Easter recipes very easy to do, to try!

Braid Pasquale (Apulia)

Braid Pasquale is a typical dessert of Puglia that is prepared precisely during the Easter period. It is a sweet genuine ingredient: its preparation is very simple but has a curiosity: once braided the dough to form the braid must lay one egg shell at the center of the braid.

Pastiera Napoletana (Campania)

Pastiera is the classic Easter cake of Naples: Easter day is at least one on every table pastiera Neapolitan. This traditional cake has a particular taste and unique due to the use of two very special ingredients: the cooked wheat and water of orange blossoms.

Casatiello Napoletano (Campania)

Casatiello is a donut rustic cche is prepared at Easter in Campania (especially in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples). Is prepared during holy week and more precisely on Friday or Saturday. You eat also accompanied by fresh fava beans, salami, ricotta salata, boiled eggs, and bacon.

Cuckoos Easter (Calabria)

The cuckoos are tasty cookies that belong to the traditional cuisine of Calabria. They may be prepared during the Easter period and can be of various shapes and with or without drops of chocolate. On our Forum, we have the recipe with pictures to facilitate the preparation of these cookies.

Pinza Triestina (Trieste)

The clamp Trieste is a typical Easter cake made with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, honey, eggs and milk. This recipe belongs to the country tradition Trieste that has ancient origins.

Crushed Pasquale Toscana (Tuscany)

The crushed Easter is a cake that belongs to the traditional Tuscan country cooking (especially in the area of Pisa and Livorno).
Its distinctive taste is due to a very special ingredient that makes it unique taste: aniseed.

Strawberry Tart

Strawberries are the most delicious fruit of Easter, so why not use them to make a good pie. In the recipe proposal there is no milk, nor in the crust or in the filling that is made of strawberry jam.

Sweet Peaches With Thermomix

Visually have the form of the peaches and the peel effect is played with a wet-based alchermes and sprinkle with granulated sugar. The filling may be chocolate, custard, and jam … among the most original recipes Easter!

Cassata Ancient Rome

Easter cake much like the Sicilian cassata but known for its ancient origins. The filling of this cake is found reproduced in a fresco in a villa of Oplontis, near the present Torre Annunziata.

Easter Lamb Cake

Easter lamb cake is a cake in the shape of cute lamb made with soft dough and covered with white chocolate and coconut flakes, a real treat!

Cake Stracciatella

Soft and tasty inside of this cake is enriched with delicious chocolate chips, good for reuse leftover Easter eggs… they are!

Lenten Neapolitan

Crispy treats typical Easter period are very similar to nooks. The aromas of vanilla and cinnamon and ingredients such as pine nuts, almonds and candied confer crunchiness and flavor to these cookies rustic.

Easter Cake Sweet

And who says you can only be salted? This version of sweet Easter cake is really a surprise! With its eggs inside the mixture gives a chocolaty taste that will make happy children and adults.

Baskets of Chocolate Mousse With Strawberries

Fancy a traditional dessert Easter unconventional? Instead of traditional recipes, Easter brings to the table these very original baskets of chocolate to achieve with balloons and with the soft mousse with strawberries, a union delicious!

Pizza Sweet Easter

Sweet Easter rustic central Italy, which traditionally serves him breakfast, to celebrate since the beginning of the day. In our version of the recipe is even more delicious because it is enriched with custard.

Rice Cake

Recipe that pleases everyone, can be customized in 1000 ways but remains very good! We offer you the enriched with almonds and dark chocolate, in the (unlikely) there remains a little ‘Easter egg.

Madeleine Chocolate

A classic pastry Francesce revisited in a tasty thanks to dark chocolate. It is one of those recipes Easter riciclose that can turn for the better leftovers Easter egg.

Muffin Dove

Recycle typical Easter cake can lead to unexpected results, just know how to use your imagination. This is precisely the case of muffins, cakes portion to be decorated with a dusting of cocoa or creams enriched with even more delicious.

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