Italian Lamb Chops Recipe For Easter Step By Step


Italian Lamb Chops Recipe most typical and classic Italian tradition

Italian Lamb Chops Recipe

Another classic Italian tradition for Easter dinner. We propose a version with baking but there are many variations. The preparation is quick and fragrant, with rosemary.

Italian Lamb Chops Recipe

Torta Pasqualina

La Torta Pasqualina is traditional of Liguria, one of the most typical and well-known recipes Easter. It ‘a dish that has ancient origins (it is even thought that was already prepared in the fifteenth century during the Easter period from which it takes its name). Its main ingredients are herbs (chard or spinach), eggs, and cottage cheese.

Torta Pasqualina Artichokes

Exquisite variant of the classic Easter cake: instead of spinach or chard are used artichokes. This recipe is quick and easy to do and the delicious cake can be enjoyed hot even though it gives her best at room temperature. It keeps well for several days, even out of the refrigerator: the only care is to cover it well to make sure it does not dry too.

Torta Pasqualina Vegan

Vegan version of one of the classic recipes Easter. reinterpretation maintains this pie tasty and fragrant and pleases everyone, since it is without eggs and cottage cheese is used instead of tofu.

Sunflower Cake With Ricotta And Spinach

A pie really coreaografica to impress relatives at Easter dinner or friends during lunch out of town for Easter Monday. Will satisfy all really!

Radicchio And Broccoli Quiche

Tasty pie easy and quick to prepare is great served warm or cold during the Easter lunch or even better for the picnic outside door that usually arranges for Easter Monday.

Pizza Easter Salt

A simple preparation, stuffed with melted cheese inside, is the savory version of the traditional Easter cake typical of central Italy, typical of Umbria and Marche.

Panini Dinner

Panini slightly sweet and spicy that is traditionally prepared on Holy Thursday in the area of Messina in Sicily. You can eat at any hour of the day for a snack sweet or savory. Also excellent for breakfast!

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