January Jones after seven seasons of “Mad Men” and a role in the series “The last man on earth” She agreed to reveal her beauty secrets. How to have healthy hair? How to keep good looks? … She told us everything, absolutely everything!

Face it; this is the “Mad Men” series that made her famous. She is Betty, the wife of the handsome Don Draper, is Jon Hamm, flighty husband, who leads her life difficult. In this Parisian salon, she hands us a firm hand.

The Beauty Tips Of January Jones

Soon recalled her role in “Mad Men,” January Jones is clear: if she met a Betty in real life, she would advise her to divorce.

Quick survey before crossing, and it is known that she has no man in her life right now, trusting to the magazine “US Weekly” that ” relationships are primarily a source of trouble.” But it is rather there to talk about beauty.

January Jones Beauty Secrets At The Corner of Her Trip to Paris
Photo Source By Noam Galai/Getty

Her gown is satin, with ruffles, very 50s Hollywood It suits her well: she is blonde, the blonde seen in Hitchcock. And should probably its origins Czech, Danish, German, and Welsh.

January Jones, a beautiful teen

The beauty has not considered the cradle of all-stars. Some sublime today were girls very ungrateful. No, January Jones. In the photos that show the 15 at Dairy Queen High School in South Dakota, it is already a bomb.

She did not agree and describes herself as a tomboy, “A tomboy. With a gym teacher father, we were on the sports field all the time with my two sisters. ”

She has a big smile. Because it must still admit that the tomboy wanted to be a model very young, “This is a good option when you want to leave the Dakota Sioux Falls to go and live in New York!” Measuring 1.70 meters, it is a fair bit to scroll. But she exudes health, fresh air, and that, in Abercrombie, we love it. At 18, she is their image.

The hair asset January Jones

Kérastase, a little she knows! Her favorite product is “the new Magistral Mask of Nutritive range.” But she is a fan of salon hair care. “An incredible shine and suppleness. The benefits continue until three shampoos! “.

They spoke of her blond hair, and she confirmed that it is “completely natural, with a few golden threads added by my colorist. It must be a little cheat. “Conversing with January Jones is to be like with a friend.

She responds by going to all the questions that press officers normally mature. Example: You receive a lot of gifts? “Full” Are they really gifts?” In fact, everyone hopes that I’ll wear this perfume or that dress … But you can not try any or all love! I especially enjoyed my sisters because I offer them huge bags, they themselves in turn distribute. ”

The solitary pleasure of January Jones

At 38, it said the bachelor. January Jones still has a man in her life: a 4-year-old son, but no one knows the identity of the father. A detail in the bio of the star that never ends to amaze. January confessed after her birth, she recovered shape and tone by taking dehydrated placenta capsules made into vitamins!

Star apart, January Jones admits. She does not like steam baths and massages share with girlfriends, “I like to be alone. ”

So, it needs a little more time than others to discover the must-have beauty, like the semi-permanent polish. At this point, it bears the OPI Red Apples, “two weeks that it does not move.” A revelation for January.

This girl, so amazing for us, just waiting to be surprised.

Hair secrets of January Jones

“The hair of the stars are very busy on the sets, so often very dry. But not a star, it happens to many women. The solution: salon, a personalized ritual, to feed in depth and surface, which continues at home. Kérastase is a range of treatments ranging from hair dry to severely dry. So, everyone has a personal care. ”

Séguier Salon, Paris 7 01 45 50 40 74.

Photo Source By Noam Galai/Getty

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