Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter Paris Fashion Show, If Jean Paul Gaultier had attained wisdom? In view of its Autumn Winter fashion show tinted chic and sobriety, the designer seems to settle down. But beware, chic by Gaultier combines with the rock attitude.

Looks like the enfant terrible of Paris has reached the age of reason! Reviewing our expectations for this season the French designer imagines a collection more sober than usual tinged with a hint of fantasy.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter Paris Fashion Show

The first figures made jackets and trench worn over long skirts fluids breathed chic.

It was far from the fun atmosphere of the show Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring Summer for 2018 2019. However, the figures are contrasting the leather top chiffon bottom, light colors in the high and dark bottom.

The contrast comes beauty also looks very 90’s models the eyebrows are highlighted or marked rather while the hair is cut in mule deconstructed. And yes there is still a fantasy in this collection Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2018 2019 including classics creators.

Indeed under this apparent distinction is hiding many things shifted. Obviously, he acquires some of his famous cone tops at front body. These are on tops leather detailed rivets. The leather is also overused trademark Gaultier is found mainly as put forward by a total look. And what about the opulence of fur?

Draped in their long fur coats models are transformed into a bourgeois approach to dramatically compelling. The grounds also catch the eye wisely placed on skirt jacket and dresses as we saw the plane at Christian Dior Fall Winter 2018 2019. Also, it has a lot of shine parade Jean Paul Gaultier.

The designer seeks to counter a few pieces of square panels are pretty mosaic or patchwork choice. It is in this atmosphere that is light parade ends with Shena Moulton brilliant iridescent structured whole. This season Jean Paul Gaultier manages to mix a serious business where the chic is mandatory with another much lighter.