Latest Jeans Fashion Trends – The Perfect Jean According To Its Morphology


Find jeans that follow the fashion trend and sticks to its morphology is a miracle?

Not that much. Here, you find all the advice to choose your jeans according to its morphology. Small or big, small or round, rejoice: happiness is below.

Needless to say, jeans are a must. You already know it but it is one of the few pieces that do not suffer the vagaries of fashion trends. It’s very simple: it goes with everything and is suitable for almost all situations.

Jeans Fashion Trends - According To Its Morphology

Those jeans are unavoidable, it’s one thing. Finding the perfect jean is another. To help you, here are the tips for choosing your jeans.

What Jeans For Which Morphology?

Finding the ideal jean already knows you. It may seem trivial. Yet knowing your body is a lot in the choice of good jeans.

You are small? We must know which jeans for small. Big or small, your size, to begin with, plays a key role in the choice of your jeans. Some models will not fit because they will tend to compact your figure.

Your hips, thighs, and buttocks also count. They influence your choices to find the right jean model. Do you have curves? You have to know which jeans for the rounds are for you. Some models will tend not to be very comfortable.

Small or big, small or round, you will find articles for all the problems and solutions to choose the perfect jean.

What Are The Different Cuts Of Jeans?

In the big family of denim, there are many cuts of jeans. Depending on what you like but also comfort, the different models will meet or not your expectations.

Our role? To accompany you to the best so that you can be well in your jeans.

Do you want jeans for beautiful buttocks? 

Jeans that thins the thighs? The Jeans not too short? Jeans cuts have an important role in your choice.

The straight jeans with the iconic Levi’s 501 may be trendy; it does not go to everyone. Same for the slim fit tightened on the ankles. Are you going to wear bootcut jeans, slightly flared down or boyfriend jeans with a masculine fit? Wear the flare jeans also called “jeans legs of Eph,” yes but for whom? These are all the questions we will answer.

So, to find the right jean for your morphology, just browse through our different folders. And if you want to know where to buy good jeans, go to the shopping section.

What Jeans To Wear When You’re Small?

It’s a fact; the jeans are a must-have piece of our wardrobe! Ideal for a casual look or for an evening dress, the jeans accompany us on a daily basis. How to choose your jeans when you are small? Where to find it? We explain how to find the jeans adapted to its morphology.

Choosing the right jean when you’re little

If you are less than 1m60, finding the perfect jean can be a small challenge.

Since jeans are an indispensable fashion, each must be able to find THE ideal jean, in which she feels good and enhances.What Jeans To Wear When You're Small

The first “advice” that we give to small silhouettes is to wear heels vertiginous. Your legs will be lengthened but your feet will not thank you (compared to the bulbs).

Keep in mind that fashion must above all be comfortable!

If you want to wear your favorite jeans with trendy sneakers rather than 12cm heels (as you understand), follow these tips to highlight your legs.

The high waist is a trend to follow the closed eyes to lengthen the silhouette in the blink of an eye.

Long shunned, jeans short or 7/8 is your best ally if you are small.

Choose from a kick flare version with wedge sneakers or Spartan braces around the ankle. Ideal for an impression of endless legs.

The broad cuts or boyfriend are not adapted to your morphology. The idea is to highlight your shapes and to draw attention to your height and your buttocks.

Feel free to roll up the end of your jeans right or skinny to reveal your ankles.

Prefer bootcut jeans with flare jeans to avoid drowning in too large volume.

Note that seams are your friends in your quest for the perfect jean! Choose jeans with exposed seams on the middle of the leg to create an optical illusion and add a few inches to your figure.

Turn to vintage jeans in thrift shops that often have pretty sewing and fading effects.

Where To Find Jeans For Small?

Gone are the days when finding jeans suited to one’s body type was mission impossible!

Today, more and more of your favorite brands have added a “small” range to their collections to satisfy all morphologies.

This is the case with Topshop, which also offers jeans “Tall” or “Maternity”. The flagship cuts of the English brand name “Leigh”, “Orson” or “Baxter”, remain identical in the small version, with a few centimeters less.

New Look and Asos have also introduced jeans adapted to small sizes.

For online shoppers, turn to Asian e-shops like She inside that are smaller than the rest of the fashion brands.

Finally, do not hesitate to go to the children’s department! You are probably dubious, but know that you will be the winner.

Prices are lower and some jeans are identical to those of adult collections. This is the case at Zara Kids where we find ultra-desirable fashion pieces.

The biggest child size at Zara Kids (14 years old) is adapted to the silhouettes of 1m64!

The next time you go to rob Zara’s shoes and dresses, do not forget to go to the kids for jeans!

How To Choose Your Jeans According To Your Morphology?

Jeans are a must in the wardrobe. It can be worn on any occasion and become an asset of seduction. But how to wear it if you have round buttocks or, on the contrary, flat buttocks? What jeans to choose from when you are small or when you are tall? With each morphology her ideal jean! Our expert answers all these questions and explains how to choose the perfect jeans.

The ideal jean is first and foremost a jean that highlights the buttocks and legs. The jeans, essential to your dressing room, can be worn in any situation: to go to work, by day of good weather, rain, when you have a little blues or a shot of pep. Jeans, raw denim, faded jeans or jeans 7/8, our expert explains all about shapes and colors to adopt! You will know everything to choose the perfect jean according to your morphology.

How To Choose Your Jeans According To Your Morphology

Which jeans to choose from when you are tall?

The good news is that you can put any form of jeans! Classic jeans in raw canvas preferably, trying to avoid the bright jeans not to appear “too big.”

What jeans to choose when you are small?

A slim fit or a straight fit is ideal. It is best if your jeans are close to the body, to lengthen the silhouette! The coated fabrics are preferred to bring a little light grip.

What jeans to choose when you have round thighs?

Jeans not too clear preferably. If you like faded jeans, the faded part must be on the front and not on the side so as to define the width of the thigh. Choose, if you can, jeans with “staggered” stitching. The back of the pants being more important than the front, the deported seam line gives the illusion of a thinner leg. A very rewarding technique that creates a perfect jean model for a round.

What jeans to choose when you have flat buttocks?

In the jeans market, the Salsa brand offers push-up jeans. Yes Yes. The thing? Add small invisible pads inside your back pockets.

Otherwise, pay attention to the seams present, the drawing can be decisive and create the illusion of curved buttocks.

What jeans to choose when you have plump buttocks?

It is important to choose jeans that have a “fork” long enough (understand “jeans not too low waist”), to avoid getting a plunging neckline.

Morpho Jeans: Jeans Adapted To My Silhouette

Jeans are the basic fashion piece par excellence. Comfortable and easy to wear, it adapts to all fashion styles. The problem is that jeans, there are thousands. How to find THE perfect jean, the one who values your assets and hides your little flaws? We help you find the right jeans for your body shape.

If we had to elect an indispensable piece for our wardrobe, the jeans would be a winner.

The trendy jeans are casual with sneakers, but also with heels to go to the office or even go out. She can even wear to hang out at home!

It is chosen “stone” that is to say more or less clear for casual situations and “gross” (dark) for dress occasions. Jeans are the clothes that can be accessorized according to the moment we are about to live.

And that is the problem. There are thousands of jeans of all colors and shapes. Suddenly, find the model that knows how to showcase becomes a real Chinese puzzle.

To offer you the perfect jean, you must choose it according to your morphology.

Adapt your form of jeans to the shape of your body: whether you have wide hips, a small size or an elongated silhouette, buttocks round or flat, it’s the perfect jean that must fit your body. It will sublimate your curves while blurring your little flaws.

For this, follow the guide!

I have short legs: skinny jeans or right

The jeans that suit me:

To enlarge your silhouette, avoid clothes that will pack you down. For example, jeans flare or boot cut.

To get up to speed, opt first for slim or straight jeans that lengthen the legs. Obviously, it will be ideal with heels.

To give the impression that your legs are longer, bet for a coated canvas to bring brightness and brightness.

I wear it with:

A little sweater and high heels!

Where to find it?

Straight jeans, Maje

2. I Have Wide Hips Jean Straight Cut

The jeans that suit me:

If you have hips wide enough, you need jeans that do not stick too much at the hips. You need straight cut jeans. A basic far from ridiculous if we know correctly accessorize.

I wear it with:
A little top, a jacket, accessories and low-boots or wedges.

Where to find it?

Straight jeans, Topshop

3. I Have Flat Buttocks: Low Waist Jeans

The jeans that suit me:

If you do not have buttocks, the jeans that will make you dream buttocks is the low-rise jeans, but especially models specially created to give the illusion that you have buttocks bounces.

Some even have pads at the pockets to give volume to your butt.

I wear it with:

The low-rise jeans are a little with everything: t-shirt, romantic blouse, shirt, tunic. Add a trench coat or a big vest, white boots or sneakers and it’s perfect!

Where to find it?

Low-rise jeans, H & M

4. I The Buttocks: High Waist Jeans

The jeans that suit me:

If you have the impression of having buttocks too present to get into jeans, do not panic. The ideal jean for those who have a bouncy boob has a fork long enough not to be hollow and that your underwear does not appear in plain sight.

Clearly, you need jeans that go a little further back than forward. High-waisted jeans are perfect for showcasing bounce-backs.

Also pay attention to the pockets. The piped and outer pockets will give more volume to your buttocks. Also, avoid patterns, crystals and other details that will attract attention to your posterior. Opt for patch pockets and not too small if you want to visually minimize the size of your buttocks.

To prescribe: jeans low waist.

I wear it with:

With a sweater and shoes with heels to lengthen the legs.

Where to find it?

High waisted jeans, Zara

05. I Have Long Legs: Skinny Jeans Or Right

The jeans that suit me:

You have long legs and you want to highlight them. The best, in this case, is to choose a slim fit like the slim or straight jeans. All this is to have a pair of tight jeans at the hips and tight at the thighs.

If instead, you do not want your legs to look too long, opt for a boot cut model that will shorten your legs.

I wear it with:

A shirt, a jacket and pumps or ballerinas depending on your mood.

Where to find it?

Slim jeans, Sézane

6. I Round: High Waist Jeans

The jeans that suit me:

Do you have a little belly, a small size, and a globally round morphology? The ideal jean is the one that will pronounce your size; you will grow a few centimeters while refining your figure. The high-waisted jeans will hide your belly and dress your thighs. How To grow, choose a straight cut or jeans legs eph.

To sublimate your curves without accentuating them, opt for slim jeans. To be comfortable, think of jeggings that look like jeans and the comfort of leggings.

Avoid straight cuts because they tend to hide the curvature of the legs and thus give a block effect that is not very flattering. If you want to refine, crush for jeans that, like jeans but has all the benefits of a sheath.

I wear it with:

A short dress or tunic to leave outside the pants for a casual style or to go in to be chicer. Accessorize your outfit with a leather belt re off on the size for example.

Where to find it?

High-waisted jeans, Levi’s

7. I Am Thin: Skinny Jeans

The jeans that suit me:

You are tiny, you do not have much chest and few hips. No need to try to get fat in jeans wide, you risk losing yourself. The jeans you need are the Skinny. Stretch, skin-tight, the skinny is only suitable for filiform silhouettes.

I wear it with:

A long and wide sweater or a man’s shirt. Leave your thin shoulders clear to be sexier. Add a blazer and white boots or sneakers, of course.

Where to find it?

Skinny jeans, Mango

8. I Have Big Thighs: Raw Denim

The jeans that suit me:

Not enough to complex if you have round thighs. Just bet on jeans that are not too clear and whose wash is located on the front of the leg and not on the sides to refine the width of the thighs. Also, favor models with side seams positioned a little further on the front of the leg so that the canvas is more important on the back of the legs.

I wear it with:

A blouse or a small cashmere sweater, high heels to refine the legs.

Where to find it?

Raw jeans, IKKS

What Jeans For Beautiful Buttocks?

Since jeans are our everyday uniform, it must be perfect! To find jeans that have beautiful buttocks, everything is about illusion: apparent seams, the shape of the pockets, light games … Where to find the perfect jeans, how to choose? Follow all our tips to crack on the good.What Jeans For Beautiful Buttocks

Since jeans are one of these essential fashion, we are particularly demanding when choosing it. Our requests: rounded buttocks, optimal comfort and a flattering cut. Overview of jeans to adopt for beautiful buttocks (without even going through squats box).

How to choose her jeans for beautiful buttocks?

The determining element in the choice of her jeans? The shape of the back pockets! They are the ones who will give a more or less convex aspect to your buttocks.

We do not choose too small at the risk of flattening the buttocks but we avoid too large pockets that will accentuate the breeches.

Those leap jeans type “jegging” without back pockets that are absolutely not flattering to the silhouette.

We opt for a high back pocket and slightly inclined to give a push-up effect to the buttocks. The small detail that makes all the difference? the apparent seams! Ideal for creating a volume impression.

In terms of composition, we forget the jeans with more than 2% elastane. Contrary to popular belief, the elastic fibers of jeans do not fit the silhouette: the jeans eventually relax and create folds, the rendering is not flattering.

We prefer a denim with a raw look to highlight the curves and ride the trend of vintage jeans.

Side shape of the jeans, we move away from the skinny jeans, far from being the only option for a flattering cut.

The straight jeans, in addition to being in full in the jean trend of the season, is a shock ally for a silhouette highlighted. One chooses high-waisted, molding at the level of the buttocks and right on the legs with frayed edges.

We do not hesitate to wear flare jeans to harmonize curves. It is preferred in black or dark blue, molding at the buttocks and thighs and extra wide on the lower legs. Result? an impression of endless legs.

Where to find jeans that make beautiful buttocks?

Pull & Bear offers a push-up range that promises curved glutes thanks to interlocking seams and strategically placed pockets.

The Salsa brand also offers a wide selection of push-up jeans with skinny cuts, cropped with frayed or slim edges.

The jeans of the brand Lee offer a subtle push-up effect thanks to a fading game that takes the principle of contouring which we love in make-up.

Good news, the perfect jeans can be found in all your favorite ready-to-wear banners.

Whole collections dedicated to the gallant jeans now allow us to quickly find the jeans of our dreams.

The brand Levi’s offers its version of the jeans gallant: the “Wedgie”. This model quickly made the rounds of social networks and was adopted by all the modules of the moment. The cut is straight and the buttocks are perfectly curved, we validate!

To find the perfect model, take a tour of thrift stores full of vintage jeans of all kinds. As a bonus, we offer you our best addresses of thrift stores to guide you in the quest for dreamed jeans.

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