Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Show Marriage Certificate


In less than a couple of decades, the stars had official confirmation of marriage.

At the disposal of the publication, TMZ got the official marriage certificate of 53-year-old Jay Lo and 49-year-old Ben Affleck after their chamber wedding in Las Vegas.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Show Marriage Certificate

According to the document, the newlyweds were married by a pastor named Ryan Wolfe, and Kenosha Booth, an employee of the Little White Chapel, acted as a witness.

It seems that J. Lo, who took the name of her husband after the wedding, is still waiting for an official decision to finally become Jennifer Affleck. The stars received permission to marry last month and did not hesitate, almost immediately binding themselves with touching vows.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez secretly got engaged on July 16th. The wedding took place just a few months after the announcement of the engagement.

The couple tied the knot at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas – the lovers lined up for the wedding along with other couples. By the way, Jennifer decided not to sell the details of the wedding to the tabloids, but personally tell the fans how everything went and sent out the traditional newsletter.

Almost immediately after the wedding, Ben and Jen flew to Paris on their honeymoon, and already last weekend there was information that the couple were planning a larger celebration and hired holiday organizer Kim Kardashian.

Jennifer Lopez dresses young and stylish

How immodest will be the wedding of J. Low and Ben Affleck, one can only guess. According to insiders, the couple wants to stretch the celebration for several days. Where it will take place is still unknown.

Among the possible places that the newlyweds considered for these purposes, the sources of the publication name Affleck’s chic mansion in Riseborough, Georgia, and St. Simons Island, known for its magnificent beaches and picturesque lighthouse.

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Source: hellomagazine

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