Jeremy Scott Autumn-Winter Fashion Show In NY

Jeremy Scott Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Show In NY

Jeremy Scott brings his madness at Fashion Week in New York. Always shorter and colorful clothes Jeremy Scott autumn-winter is any lighter. The soft pink look is back on the podium Jeremy Scott

What would New York Fashion Week without the craziness of Jeremy Scott? The enfant terrible of New York designed a collection autumn-winter 2020 garish colors and patterns for a look woman-child rebel mid-mid-sensual.

Jeremy Scott Autumn-Winter / Fashion Show In NY-01

Is a collection full of contradictions, looking for a guideline? There is no if it is a small part. Indeed, vests in the summer of 2020 are back and are reasonable most of the time.

Jeremy Scott Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Show In NY-

A punk look in spring accentuated by Joan Jett wigs unstructured way and sparkling makeup. The reasons are as XXL and colorful parade DKNY autumn-winter 2020.

Jeremy Scott Autumn-Winter /Fashion Show In NY-00

The parade continued with ever shorter pieces up in wondering if it was really an autumn-winter collection?

Jeremy Scott gives us the answer with a profusion of wild fur shag. The coat can be worn as a total look, but this time the hairs are long and neon.

The look is young and athletic, far from the chic seen at Oscar de la Renta Fall-Winter 2020. Jeremy Scott autumn-winter 2020 is an invitation to celebrate the winter season with the most colors possible.

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