Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes Collection 2020-21 In Live A Fairy Tale


Jimmy Choo wedding shoes wear on the wedding day is a bit ‘like being Cinderella glass slippers.

Here are the beautiful Jimmy Choo wedding shoes for Bride 2020-21 collection.

Not only ivory bridal Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

jimmy Choo Wedding Shoe Collection

Declined in most heights, with or without plateau and with different finishes, the shoes that Jimmy Choo offers for the bride from summer sandals are décolleté and precious, elegant or sparkling, with 12 heels or totally flat. A palette of all respect including every woman can choose her favorite shoe for the day of it.

N particular, we have to report the royal Tomar, a sandal with back zip closure, made of silver and metallic leather platform, but Addison, a pump shoe in gold lame that certainly does not go unnoticed as Tartini, studded with crystals as the shoe of a modern Cinderella.

The model is not in the bridal collection, but if made to draw upon if envy stepsisters!

Resist a nice pair of shoes is virtually impossible for a woman. It becomes even more compelling if the opportunity is their marriage. Jimmy Choo to brides gives great emotions with previous models, perfect for any outfit.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes High Heel perfect for any Wedding outfit

Among the top models of the Lottie, a sandal ivory completely surrounds the foot and ankle. The heel rises as much as 10 cm. It’s really very simple; the only detail is a glam buckle Swarovski, Even simpler sandal Alana, a shoe timeless, characterized by two straps that wrap around the ankle and foot.

Not only for Jimmy Choo wedding shoe heel.

Not all women, in fact, you are comfortable and then there are the ladies who like to be comfortable and to rest her foot at the end of a long day. Here is a dancer jewel that there will definitely regret heels. The tip is a brooch Swarovski that makes the shoe very valuable.

Otherwise, you can stand upon an average, like that of Alina (6.5 cm). In this case, the shoe has a slightly elongated almond toe; Look carefully also the Jimmy Choo wedding shoe collection spring summer 2018: in short, even the honeymoon could have her needs.

Monogrammed Bridal Shoes: Personalize your wedding shoes from Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo fulfills Cinderella’s dreams for the bride and launches a Swarovski crystal-studded version of the iconic glass shoe. The special highlight: To avoid any confusion, Jimmy Choo offers the possibility to personalize their bridal shoes with a monogram or an engraving with a “Made to Order” service for prospective brides

Confusion excluded: With the personalized bridal shoes by Jimmy Choo no bride is lost on the way to the altar. For brides who want to make their big appearance the icing on the cake in their day, Jimmy Choo’s made-to-order service offers something very special.

A particularly fairy-tale jewel of the Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection 2018 2019 is the handmade wedding shoes “Avril”.

The personalized bridal shoes from the Jimmy Choo Bridal collection are available online as well as in all Jimmy Choo boutiques worldwide.

In addition, there are flagship stores in London, Milan, and LA with a special bridal service, where the prospective brides can be personally advised. An appointment is not mandatory but advisable. Appointments can be arranged by email at this address (bridal.appointment@jimmychoo.com).

Happy bridal shoe shopping!

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Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes
© PR Cinderella proves that great shoes can change your life. The Jimmy Choo Bridal Made-To-Order collection is just what you call brides!

So you will find the perfect bridal shoes for your dream wedding (and afterward)!

The bridal world usually divides into two teams: for Team #Dress counts first of all, once to find the perfect wedding dress.

The others from Team #Shoecrush and defend the motto “who needs a dress”. You can still find that – but without taking the perfect shoe for a walk in the direction of the altar is not an option.

But also brides from the team #Kleid must sooner or later deal with their footwear – unless of course, they want to dance like Cinderella barefoot in a dream dress.

For her and the Brides-to-be from Team, #Shoecrush comes here the most important tips, so that everyone finds the perfect shoes for their own dream wedding.

The 6 most important tips for the perfect bridal shoes:

1. White, colorful, gold: the color of bridal shoes

Team #Dress: So that the complete look is right on the big day, the color nuance of the shoes should be perfectly matched to the wedding dress.

Means: Do not just buy white pumps – because there are at least 50 Shades of White! Ivory, cream, and off-white are just a few examples. And right next to it is unfortunately over.

It’s best to do the color test first and keep the shoes at home next to the dress. If it does not fit, then, unfortunately, the search must continue.

Team #Shoecrush: Since you go to the shoe search and the dress is at the back, the color of the shoes is decisive. Anyway, if you plan to keep the dress rather simple or even wear a trouser suit, you can let it rip here. After all, who says that white is mandatory?

Style icon Olivia Palermo finally had pumped in bright blue at her wedding. Even metallic tones like gold, bronze or silver can look stunning at a wedding if the jewelry is matched appropriately.

It is important than the dress fitting to always have the shoes for fitting. So you see immediately if the complete look is right!

2. Straps, pumps, ballerinas: the bridal shoe model

Team #Dress: Your rule of thumb is: the more expensive the dress, the simpler the shoe should be. Otherwise, you run the risk of overdressed quickly. With a simpler dress, it may be more extravagant shoes! Do not lose sight of: even flat shoes can look great.

Team #Shoecrush: If you fall in flat strappy heels, you should look for casual boho dresses. If you want it to be a classic closed pump, it’s best to wear a festive dress. High strappy pumps look great for playful, light dresses made of chiffon or silk. If you have fallen for a brightly colored pair of shoes, you should definitely keep the dress simple and discreet.

3. Sure is sure: take two!

Team #Dress: Nice shoes are a nice thing. But if they hurt you, that’s enough. Take care of it and pack a second pair of comfortable shoes that you can use to dance the night away without having to limp for brunch the next day.

Team #Shoecrush: As a shoeholic, you’re used to wearing heels. That’s not the problem either – rather you should spare your expensive dream shoes a bit. Better to wrap up the second pair of bridal shoes as well. Because when it gets really wild, it’s better not to have your Valentinos on it.

4. High, medium, flat: the heel height

Rule of thumb for both bridal teams: only those who are safe and elegant on heels should opt for heels like Kate Middleton at their wedding. Her ivory-colored satin pumps were about 11 inches high. Whoever comes up with it like the wobbly catwalk training with Heidi Klum and her GNTM-Meeedchen should definitely pull off a few inches and grab on kitten heels (small heels) or flat shoes.

Team #Dress: Your dress determines your outfit. So take your shoes with the dressmaker so that she can adjust the length of the dress perfectly with the heels. Remember also that there are totally sweet flat alternatives: The bridal slippers by Chatelles, for example, are covered with white lace, glitter or sequins and not only look very classy but are super comfortable!

Team #Shoecrush: Your dream shoes dance already weeks before the wedding in mind. Heels? But what of! For you, it is vital that you have your heels running in and armed with an SOS package: if it really hurts, you can counteract with blister patches and gel pads.

5. Say it in words: shoes with a message

Yes, I do! If the couple kneels before the altar and on the soles of their shoes the inscriptions Mr. and Mrs. are seen, then the smile is ever guaranteed with guests.

Team #Dress: The cobbler can make individual engraving relatively cheap. But probably the Train your dream dress is already so long that you never get the soles of your shoes to face!

Team #Shoecrush: You’ll love them – the new bridal shoes from the Jimmy Choo Bridal made-to-order collection not only look stunning, they also have cute inscriptions on the sole. The perfect choice for all shelves, as the pair of pumps, can definitely be put on the shelf after the wedding and admired every day of their lives.

6. Leather or satin: the material of the bridal shoes

Team #Dress: Popular bridal shoes are mostly made of satin or leather. The advantage of leather shoes is that they can be easily cleaned. However, satin shoes can easily be changed after the wedding and can still be worn after the wedding. However, it is important for the dressmakers that the shoes are comfortable and the color and material match the fabric of the dress.

Team #Shoecrush: No, you probably will not find the perfect bridal shoes in the bridal shop. You have already discovered far too many great models in designer collections that would also fit perfectly with the big day. The material does not really matter then, you are mainly concerned with the look of the shoe itself. Means: get to the online stores and order, try on, decide!

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