Joel Meyerowitz At The MEP Shadow To Light


From his early work in black and white from 1960 his color work which he dedicates the 1970s until the 2000s the home European of the photography a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of a great photographer Joel Meyerowitz .

Joel Meyerowitz At The MEP Shadow To Light

Since its inception, Joel Meyerowitz uses color spontaneously. Only this time the color was judged by photographers as too commercial environment. He made his Test and compare only by his own work and those black and white in color. “I found that the color image was richer information there was much more to see and think while the black and white made the world in shades of gray. His subjects? Scenes of everyday life Scenes that have never been as interesting and captivating as its objective and captured his eye.

Joel Meyerowitz At The MEP Shadow To Light 2

However, photography was not originally obvious to him. The trigger? Joel Meyerowitz has been in twenty years while working in an advertising agency. His boss asks him to follow the photographer Robert Frank on the streets of York to observe the conduct of a photo shoot. I had no idea who it was (Robert Frank, editor’s note) at that time but in a few minutes I realized that I had never seen anyone move or use a camera of this way. while I watched the whole scene and whenever I heard the click of the Leica I saw this moment illuminate the absolute peak of this moment I was amazed “.

Joel Meyerowitz At The MEP Shadow To Light 3

Joel Meyerowitz is color photography that is Dali surrealist movement a pioneer of the genre. His first book Cape Light in which he explores the chromatic variations in contact with the light is also considered a classic work of photography.

This retrospective also presents his work at Ground Zero. After the attacks of September 11, 2001 and nine months the photographer was allowed to take photographs of the ruins of the World Trade Center in New York. A kind of testimony in color of course.

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