John Galliano A Professor At A Fashion School?

John Galliano would comeback but not where you would expect! The former artistic director of Dior is in negotiations to become a teacher in a high school fashion.

John Galliano A Professor At A Fashion School 3

A few weeks ago announced the return of John Galliano in the fashion world. Indeed, John Galliano would be an internship at Oscar of the income since January 18, 2013. A story that has no more to his detractors who turn their backs since he made anti semitic under the influence of substances.

John Galliano A Professor At A Fashion School 4

Never mind John Galliano is determined to make his comeback but as a teacher mode. Negotiations between the former artistic director of Dior and major fashion schools are underway. It is rumored that it could be including Parsons School of Design in New York or Central Saint Martins in London who would hire John Galliano. A source told reporters “John takes things slowly. He wants to be a teacher in a fashion school teaching students individually rather than by courses in large lecture halls”

John Galliano A Professor At A Fashion School

The source also stated “It may not even be in New York.” Galliano will be there soon professor across the Channel? Only the future will tell. One thing seems certain no matter what form will his comeback John Galliano will always support his friends in the fashion world.

Indeed, Dolce and Gabbana did not hesitate to support John Galliano at the announcement of his comeback from Oscar of the income. And you girls, do you like to have John Galliano as a teacher?

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