John Galliano Disguised as Jewish Fashion Week Portrait Of An Eccentric Stylist


So we thought gently income through Oscar de la Renta, John Galliano strikes again, “disguised” as a Jew in New York. A controversy that brings us back on the path of one of the enfants terribles of fashion

John Galliano Disguised as Jewish Fashion Week Portrait Of An Eccentric Stylist

Some names in the fashion sense of its heavy like John Galliano since 2011. While the favorite designer of the 2000s seemed to have calmed his old demons, since the story of his inappropriate comments about the Jewish community in 2011, now the update strikes again. Everything happens in New York during Fashion Week where John Galliano appeared dressed in a biased way. Hair rolled up on the sides, black hat, black jacket; make many think pieces worn by Orthodox Jews that openly criticized John Galliano in 2011. The press and the Jewish community have seen it an affront additional creator which seemed to have leaned out of the water since his dismissal from Dior. Oscar de la Renta has even participated in the parade John Galliano Fall-Winter 2013/2014 so that the enfant terrible of British fashion back in shape. A risky artistic attempt that brings us back today on the colorful journey of John Galliano, whose contribution to the fashion world is limitless. To understand who is John Galliano we must go back to his childhood in the suburbs of London where the creator lived in a modest but cosmopolitan. This cultural expansion the love of his mother’s clothes leads John Galliano to go for 3 years at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London who will graduate in 1984. Therefore, John Galliano will experience a meteoric rise through collections noticed as his graduation collection which includes the codes of the French Revolution reinterpreted by clothing.

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Theatricality abundance of fabrics and colors so as to impose the signing of the promising young designer 1984 marks the year of the launch of his own label in which investments are struggling to get as John Galliano seems too extreme to fit the world of ready-to-wear. Lack of measurement will become, over the collections his trademark making him a fashion designer from oscillating between the size of the suit and a technical designer contemporary in the way of his British colleague Vivienne Westwood. Despite the lack of financial support, John Galliano manages to convince his peers of his talent and gets only 3 years after graduation, the price of British Designer of the year an honorable distinction that leads John Gallaino to see more inventive for his creation and to present his first collection in Paris in 1990. The style and cut of John Galliano surprise, yet the French public despite the integration and success as eccentric designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, still puny to the idea of being rushed. Indeed, John Galliano not only adorn the body beautiful pieces, they animate with costumes that translates in reality to make ready-to-wear, A remarkable knack which earned him the favor and admiration of essential personality like Madonna. This craze for fashion freer and abundant will allow John Galliano spotted by Bernard Arnault, head of LVMH, who appointed creative director of ready-to-wear and Haute Couture by Givenchy 1995.

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But it is that John Galliano at Dior will revolutionize the way we view fashion, being named director in 1996 for the creation of ready-to-wear and Haute Couture. The era of John Galliano is on and allows the user to open the topics and experiments where the garment becomes a pretext for creating globalize. Just as Alexander McQueen, John Galliano staged his plays, his inspirations but also its expertise with parades but also shootings that leave no one indifferent At Dior, John Galliano plays his love for fashion history and traditional codes of Dior mixes it with joy and passion for creativity bestial that has its roots in multiculturalism. Concepts and values that are worth being called a genius by other creators as its base, its freedom and impressive talent True fashion icon John Galliano has a lasting impression with a flawless style but also with memorable collections as they are bold but fair. Examples include the collection and Bums parade where the creator has endeavored to make a profound tribute to “the ingenuity deployed by the poor to clothe them” A collection that caused a scandal but returns to the sources of inspiration of John Galliano which include poverty in the suburbs of London. Therefore, the creator becomes a character envied for his talent as designer for his dandy look, where print and color rage. In the footsteps of Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld, John Gallaino becomes the instigator of porno-chic movement which had its heyday in the magazines, parades and shooting for several years.

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An extreme view, outrageous and irreverent, which climaxed in 2005 for the spring-summer 2006, when Galliano scroll all types of physical thumbing its nose at the dictate of fashion which requires perfect bodies but similar. Being constantly in search of novelty, shapes, new sensitivities, John Galliano highlights strong people, small, large, dwarf, or just some nice old saying “everyone is beautiful”. Words that appear in 2011 as a result of this unfortunate case where John Galliano anti-Semitic remarks that earned him his dismissal from Dior. Nevertheless, the creator whose eccentricity seemed so right was able to present his latest collection that waltzed between sweetness, innocence, classicism with a casualness which controlled all the charm and grandeur of the creations of John Galliano. The dandy, who has quietly helped Oscar de la Renta on his latest collection, seems to back slowly into the fashion world thanks to an appointment in a fashion school. In fact, it is rumored that John Gallaino could teach at Parsons School in New York. A new amazing that makes us wonders if John Galliano’s career would not be taking the turn of reason. Even though the fashion world was shaken by his words, nobody can ever question the influence of his work on the fashion world. Extravagance, irreverence, outrageous clothes furiously cutting accuracy and iconoclasm characterize all artistic qualities that John Galliano has made to the modern world of fashion; it has shape with fantasy and beauty.

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