Indonesia celebrated designer Lenny Agustin treats to bring back a collection of ready to wear.

Joy Woods Collection Lenny Agustin

Lenny Agustin presented fashion fun with the theme “In the Wood” in the clothing line Lennor. It will no doubt be unique creations in every design.

Joy Woods Collection Lenny Agustin

Collections Lenny Agustin in Indonesia Fashion Week  yesterday (Sunday, 17/02) felt so special. It’s because collection using batik with natural colors. In addition Lenny is also supported by several sponsors including the Clean Batik Initiative.

Joy Woods Collection Lenny Agustin

Shades of nature is presented in a collection of batik Lenny Agustin presented rainforest atmosphere is very unique. In keeping with the theme Lenny also supports environmentally friendly products.

“I use katon batik material and chiffon with natural dyes Eco Batik offerings. Estimated that about 30 per cent and 70 per cent in the form of Eco Batik,” said Lenny Agustin told a news conference.

Joy Woods Collection Lenny Agustin

Lenny Agustin collection presents 40 fashion collections and 14 of them are menswear. All the collection is stylish safari style is more playful Lenny played with distinctively piece blouse and jacket and collar and pocket detail barkeep typical safari shirt.

According to him this collection is very different from the motif dresses usually presented but still there are elements of this girly and ready to wear.

In addition, the Programmed Coordinator Martin Krummeck CBI also added that he is quite happy with the collaboration.

Joy Woods Collection Lenny Agustin 2

“CBI has helped about 500 artisan’s batik in Java. We nurture them in order to switch to environmentally friendly production. I like the movement is supported by designers such as Lenny,” he added.

Krummeck also said it plans to take to bring the natural color of batik collections including that of Lenny in Berlin.

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