Karl Lagerfeld Launches Its First Wedding Jewelry Line


Prolific creator with imagination, the Kaiser will soon launch its first wedding jewelry collection. Karl Lagerfeld seems to take seriously fun surprise. Never where we expect it,

Tireless and especially insatiable creative spirit, Karl Lagerfeld has had a thousand lives. Wrestler, artistic director of Chloé houses, Chanel, Fendi but also his own label, book publisher and photographer, Kaiser has continued to reinvent itself over the past decades.

Karl Lagerfeld Wedding Jewelry
Karl Lagerfeld Wedding Jewelry

Touch all hyperactive, German designers has long been considered by France as part of the national heritage is now launching in the creation of wedding jewelry. What we imagine climbing another notch the wedding frenzy.

Karl Lagerfeld at our finger

After recent scrolls Chanel Cuba, paving the way for a new fashion revolution, the creator of 82 years is a new challenge, adorn the brides big day already used to working this theme for Chanel in particular, Lagerfeld will unveil September 2016 from his first wedding jewelry collection bearing his name. What to allow the eternal adventurer to tame a new area where we do not necessarily expecting.

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According to Woman’s Wear Daily , the new radiance also marks the beginning of the collaboration with Kaiser Frederick Goldman home. Pier Paolo Righi, Lagerfeld Group CEO was also expressed about this new alliance, saying: “Our license in the field of jewelry with one of the markets leading companies, Frederick Goldman Inc. represents a new stage very exciting to develop our brand globally. ”

Karl Lagerfeld Launches Into The Wedding Jewelry
Karl Lagerfeld Launches Into The Wedding Jewelry

This first jewelry line dedicated to brides will consist of engagement rings and alliances and will be unveiled in September at the Luxury by JCK show in Las Vegas.

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No longer really to prove, one wonders still what Karl Lagerfeld for us. Timeless elegance, modernity and resolved cool key, when it is in Kaiser we should expect to be surprised …

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