Bobbi Brown Makeup Campaign with Katie Holmes Confidence

Katie Holmes nature for the second season Bobbi Brown.
Katie Holmes nature for the second season Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown Makeup! We had seen sophisticated and glamorous in the first campaign Bobbi Brown, she is the face. Katie Holmes returns this month with a new video promoting the foundation Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation and a slogan: “Confidence is essential, but a little makeup can not hurt.

Wearing a shirt (man?) White casual Katie Holmes appears almost in this new ad campaign for Bobbi Brown. Exit the glamorous and sophisticated first shots, the single most coveted trade for the smoky eye and complexion fresh, healthy bang on trend as promoted on the podium. Simply brushes hair, smile reserved, Katie Holmes seems to want us to conceal her secret. A mystery as the brand unveils explaining how to copy her in beauty.

Campaign! Bobbi Brown Makeup with Katie Holmes

Bobbi Brown Makeup Campaign with Katie Holmes Confidence

The idea of the beauty look: look fresh and natural. One could argue that one is never more natural without makeup but dark circles and redness have small because of our impudence. No, what we want is a luminous and matte like Katie Holmes. The kind of make-up that really works when it becomes almost invisible and makes us perfect without seeing or almost to achieve this, the book Bobbi Brown steps to copy the beauty look.

First, it prepares the skin removing makeup residue and impurities and moisturizing, then apply a little concealer. Then we go to foundation, here the Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation Bobbi Brown & A little powder to mortify and a pink blush on the cheeks round for a fresh as dew.

The rest plays discretion. It should be noted however that Katie Holmes wears a transparent gloss over a lipstick pink and a line of eyeliner expanded a little blush. Especially as it is emphasized brow line by brushing and dropping a bit of shadow.

Discover in pictures the new Bobbi Brown campaign with Katie Holmes. To copy her look beauty and vanity, it is here.

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