Kendall Jenner In Short Dress walked for Marc Jacobs at Fashion Week New York


Kendall Jenner in short dress is increasingly present on the catwalks. The pretty brunette closes fashion week in New York walking for Marc Jacobs. During this parade lighthouse, it is almost unrecognizable

The season started well for Kendall Jenner in short dress. The girl who now prefers to be only called Kendall increases the number of her appearances on the catwalks of fashion week in New York. Before knowing whether it will be in London, Milan or Paris, let us on her last parade in the Big Apple.

Kendall Jenner In Short Dress On The Catwalk Marc Jacobs

Kendall Jenner In Short Dress

It’s back on the catwalk Marc Jacobs that we find. After scrolling for Diane von Furstenberg, Kendall Jenner proves she caught the eye of the greatest. This time, she enrolled in the army chic atmosphere of the former artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Like all other models, Kendall Jenner in short dress and wears a brown wig with bangs and cut square. What the recognition.

Marc Jacobs Military Dress And Strength To Wear Helmets Khaki Shirts Jackets Mini Dresses And Coats In New York Fashion Week

Then it was covered on the podium Tommy Hilfiger stars, Kendall Jenner ignores tattoos parade Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2015 The brunette is wearing a short and straight bronze military-inspired dress, combining long sleeves and collar buttoned. Her outfit is adorned with diamonds and round yellow stones, encircled by a gold border patterns. At her feet, we see large yellow flat sandals velvet tap style. It may be expected that Kendall Jenner is all the Marc Jacobs show at Fashion Week in New York must.

Kendall Jenner In Short Dress

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