Kendall Jenner walked with 5 outfits in Turkey for Dosso Dossi resumed her modeling career in Turkey this week. Big star of the show Dosso Dossi, the sister of Kylie Jenner wore no less than 5 outfits. Discover them!

Just hours after being lit up the red carpet of the 2015 Tony Awards, Kendall Jenner flew to a new destination: Turkey! The beautiful brunette was eagerly awaited for a high-fashion day. Indeed, welcomed as a big star, the sister of Kylie Jenner has given herself for Dosso Dossi.

Kendall Jenner walked with 5 outfits

Kendall Jenner Walked With 5 Outfits in the parade Dosso Dossi

You would have understood, Kendall Jenner marched with professionalism by wearing no less than 5 outfits. A record and a good experience to add to her resume already full!

Decidedly, Kendall Jenner captivated the world! After the Philippines with Penshoppe and Brazil with Le Lis Blanc, the model of 19 is on all fronts and can adapt to all situations. Another new show managed to Kendall Jenner!

If Kendall Jenner prepare a new shooting is foremost in Turkey that the beautiful brunette shining. And due, the daughter of Kris Jenner chained bold looks in the parade Dosso Dossi. Firstly we found Kendall Jenner in a white overall – blazer / mini shorts – in contrast to all other models who were entirely dressed in black.

Here is a position that could have triggered the jealousy of the past! Anyway, the fashionista continues her show with talent by slipping into a long pink coat completely deconstructed and glitters in a mini dress. Kendall Jenner then dressed in a tweed jacket decorated with fur on the shoulders accessorized with a pair of high boots. Finally, Calvin Klein muse ended in style with a sober coat she wore belts with Louboutin and a sumptuous baroque dress. From the top level! What do you think of the parade Kendall Jenner ?


Photo Source: DossoDossi Fashionshow Youtube, Getty Images / S. Alemdar, Getty Images

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