Kids’ Choice Awards, Kristen Stewart Wearing a Divine Legged Shorts and Osman Louboutin Shoes On the Red Carpet in Los Angeles


Kristen Stewart went to the ceremony Kids’ Choice Awards on March 23 in Los Angeles. On the red carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Kristen Stewart is divine legged shorts and Osman Louboutin Shoes.


The Kids’ Choice Awards took place on March 23 in Los Angeles with the traditional red carpet. Kristen Stewart cap that came on March 5 in Hollywood appeared once more divine on the red carpet of the Kids’ Choice Awards. If in everyday life, Kristen Stewart does not really pay attention to her looks on the red carpet she reveals divine for the ceremony Kids’ Choice Awards, Kristen Stewart has set her sights on a short legged small printed tiles blue and black Osman signed with leading accessory: a pair of shoes from Louboutin varnish.


Osman tailor shorts and shoes Louboutin, Kristen Stewart is flawless on the red carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards. After copying the look of beauty Kristen Stewart at the Oscars will draw on her make-up Kids’ Choice Awards with eyeliner to match her outfit and her hair so siren, Kristen Stewart is definitely perfect for the Kids’ Choice Awards 2013 and you girls, what do you think of Kristen Stewart’s look at Kids’ Choice Awards?

Last night was the annual ceremony of the Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence triumphed went back empty-handed.


Ceremonies follow but not alike. Indeed, a few weeks ago the Twilight saga had collected seven awards for Razzie Awards, a ceremony that awards the” worst” of any kind. Kristen Stewart was named worst actress of the year but turnaround for the young and pretty brunette has won two awards at the ceremony of Kids’ Choice Awards One for Twilight 5 and the other for her role in Snow White and the hunter. Thus in the category Best Actress and Best” fighting” she beat Jennifer Lawrence twice and yet, the interpreter Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games won the Oscar for best actress for her role in Happiness Therapy.

Side of music, Justin Bieber was named as the favorite singer Katy Perry and is the favorite singer of the public. In the group, One Direction has imposed hands down. They even took the opportunity to also leave with” the best song for” What makes you beautiful.

The peculiarity of this event is that it is the public who has the floor and according to the organizer, there were nearly 390 million votes! In other words, this is a real plebiscite for those who win.

This is a fairly unique duel that took place during the Kid’s Choice Awards. Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez walked the red carpet at the same time which was the gun?

In life there are meetings that are just waiting, like Spider-Man with Batman or that Nabila with modesty … But yesterday, Saturday, March 22 at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles are very popular two young women who found themselves together on the red carpet: Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart. When we say at the same time is that they have squarely placed side by side to the delight of fans! Two bombs for the price of one that can not be refused. By chance, they both opted for outfits similar in spirit to know a little shorts and a top. Side Kristen was very graphic in the typed with this elegant set blue hair tied she is hot and sophisticated. Selena in one relaxes, it’s spring! White pastel everything we like to see on it … Hard to decide.

And you which between Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez do you find most irresistible?

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